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Meri Durga 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga trying to find some way to go out. Rajveer looks for Durga and worries. He meets the english teacher. She gets scared seeing him in hood. He says its me, I got removed from school and you are not even identifying my voice, I need to talk to you. She smiles and says you should not come here. He says I can’t come as coach, but I can come as audience, I need a favor from you. She says of course I will help you. He says Durga is a sensible girl, her focus is divided, Seeing her talent, I want her to win, if you spend some time with her and motivate her, she will get much help. She says aw, that’s so cute, I promise you I will take care of you.

Subhadra sees her pic with garlands. She gets shocked and asks Amma what happened to her, did she go blind, I m alive. Amma scolds her for doing bad with Durga. She asks why did she not apologize to Yashpal, till her family forgives her, she is dead for this family. Subhadra asks her to listen. Amma says I don’t want to listen, if you want to get saved of my curse, go and apologize to your family. Subhadra thinks what to do now.

Sheela sees a boy winning kabaddi championship and winning 50000rs. Sheela thinks Bantu will get 1 lakh rs for sure. She imagines Bantu winning. She says Bantu will win money, Brij does not spend on Bantu’s kabbaddi, I have to raise the matter, I will talk to Brij. She smiles. Bantu comes for kabaddi championship. The man asks Bantu to change clothes. Bantu asks why. The man asks him not to play kabaddi today and become helper. Bantu says my dad will scold me if he knows. The man says you will get 200rs price and refreshment for free. Bantu thinks they won’t let me play kabaddi, I will do this. Sheela comes home and talks to Brij about Bantu, he will make our name shine, if you can spend on Durga’s education, why can’t you spend for Bantu. Yashpal hears her and says thank Lord I did not take money from Brij for Durga’s education, but you spend on Bantu, just think of his future, sports won’t help in life, education can make life better, I kept Durga away from sports, she is studying well.

Amrita calls Madhav. He sees her and attends the call. She says I can’t take such costly gift. He says if idol was so costly, pic will be costly as well, did you like it. She says I liked it, but I can’t take it. He says offer is good, I think you should keep it. She says fine, I will try. He gets glad and says fine, I will meet the client tonight and thank personally for the big deal. They smile. She says I will see. He says we will have meeting at dinner time, I will wait. He tells everyone that it was a imp client. She smiles.

Durga prays. Bantu goes to the training room to change. Sanjay comes there to know about Durga. Sanjay does not let Bantu enter the room. Bantu argues. Sanjay allows him. Durga hears someone coming and hides. Durga sees Bantu and gets tensed. Bantu goes to change. She says I will go out of here and win race.

Aarti thinks Durga can’t come in this race today and smiles. Names are announced. Shri and Rajveer look for Durga. Rajveer says where is she. Durga sees a gada.


Meri Durga 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The man says we can’t wait for Durga, so Aarti will be selected. Aarti smiles. Durga wears teddy costume and runs in the race. Subhadra does drama. Yashpal stops her.

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