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Meri Durga 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amrita giving her savings to Annapurna. Madhav looks on. Annapurna asks her to keep it. Amrita says I don’t worry for anything, you do a lot for me, can’t I do this for you, I will get married and go to inlaws, you can talk to me on phone. She hugs Annapurna. Madhav thinks I can’t believe Amrita cheated my mum and brother, when I see her goodness, I can’t stop myself from loving her.

Durga packs her bag and sees the letter for Yashpal. She hopes he reads it before the race. Yashpal sees her and prays for her exam. He asks Annapurna to iron his clothes, everyone should know Durga’s dad came to school, when I give her laptop, she will be very happy. Durga says I will work hard and hope that you feel proud of me, I want to make you feel proud.

Its morning, Durga sees everyone sleeping. She keeps the letter for Yashpal. She takes his blessings. She hides from Annapurna. She leaves from home. Durga comes to school. Sanjay wishes her all the best. She thanks him for the gift. She asks him to help, save the seat for my dad so that he can see me running. He says fine. Yashpal gets ready. He calls our Durga and thinks how did she go without telling me. He asks Annapurna is he looking hero. He sits and eats food. The letter falls down.

Annapurna picks it and gives him. He asks her to open it, glasses are inside, I will see later. She keeps it under the plate. Amrita takes the tray and compliments Yashpal. Amrita sees Madhav and does not read letter. She collides with Subhadra. The letter falls. Subhadra asks where is your focus and sees Madhav. She says so your focus is on him. Amrita smiles and goes.

Subhadra reads the letter and says Durga thought to ruin my hardwork by this letter, I won’t let this happen. Yashpal says Durga did not tell me before going. Subhadra says can this happen that she goes without telling us, maybe she called and we did not hear. She asks him to see what Durga left for him. He gets the scholarship ad and smiles. He says you said right, maybe I did not hear her, I will go and bless her. Subhadra says I will come along. He says fine, come.

She thinks when he sees Durga running in race, his hope will break. Amrita and Annapurna see the clothes. Sheela asks the lady to show latest design for Amrita. They all get shocked seeing the saree getting torn. The lady scolds her assistant. Amrita says its not so bad, don’t scold her, its fine. Madhav comes and looks on. Lady says she has to pay for this, I will not let her get job anywhere. The girls gets panic attack. She falls down. Amrita gets shocked.

She helps the girl and asks them to let some air come. Madhav says feed her water, this will not help. Amrita says no, water will spoil her health. Amrita massages her back and makes her fine. The girl gets fine. Lady says thank God, I was scared, thanks for saving her life, you managed with patience, how did you know this, were you a doctor. Amrita says no, there was a time when I used to get such attacks. Madhav gets shocked. He recalls Dulaari’s words and thinks Amrita said this easily in front of me, how.

Amrita says water is not given at this time, I forgot to tell this to you, I used to get such attacks since childhood till some time back, when my marriage with Rishi broke, I got courage and managed myself, from then I did not get any attack. He gets shocked. She asks what happened, what are you thinking. He says nothing. She asks him to say which lahenga will suit her. Madhav thinks Amrita said this so easily, if she wanted to hide this and cheat, why did she tell this to me, what is it that I m not understanding, its not Amrita’s mistake, I have to know what happened before and why.


Meri Durga 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga runs in the race. Yashpal gets shocked seeing her. Madhav says I want to make everything fine, so I want to say truth, I m Dulaari’s son, they made me against you. Amrita slaps him and cries.

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