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Meri Durga 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

In Today’s Episode of Meri Durga you will watch Subhadra asks maid to talk. Maid says I will come at 10am only. Teacher sees Durga’s paper. Subhadra asks Yashpal did Durga pass or fail. Stay tune for more Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Durga praying and getting 35 marks. Yashpal asks Lord to give Durga the fruit of her hardwork. The teacher says handwriting is very bad, and rethinks. Subhadra waits for the maid. The maid comes to her. Subhadra talks to maid. Maid tells her conditions. Subhadra worries. Maid throws tantrums and asks Subhadra to say if she agrees. Subhadra says fine, I m sorry, you start doing work in my house. Maid agrees.

Shweta says I will get full marks, all are fools here. Neha says even others can get good marks. Durga and her friends worry. Her friends ask her to get jalebi if she gets good result. Durga ties knot in her dupatta and says now this won’t open till I pass. Teacher comes to school. He says result is out, it will be coming now. Yashpal thinks Durga has first right to know results. He does not check result.

Teacher says we will study about Integers today. Durga looks outside the class. Teacher asks her to stand her. He asks her to pay attention in class. Yashpal gets the results. He gives the papers to teacher and goes out. Teacher tells Shweta that she got 100 out of 100 marks. Shweta gets glad. Teacher gives result to Durga’s friend, who also got 100 out of 100. Bansi and Manohar also get result. Durga waits for her result. Durga and Yashpal get eager to hear her marks.

Principal comes and asks the class teacher to come for imp work. Teacher goes out and talks. Principal asks Yashpal to go police station for their work. Yashpal says Durga… Principal sends him. Durga worries for her result. She says I will pass in exam. Teacher comes back in class. Durga asks for her result. Teacher checks her paper. He says great, you have done well. She sees 35 marks in paper and thanks Hanuman. Teacher says I think you have worked hard, have your paper. Durga thinks to show her marks to Yashpal first. She runs. Her friends ask her to show marks.

Yashpal waits for Durga at home. Durga comes home running and asks where were you, I tried finding you at school. He asks how many marks did you get. Her friends come there. Yashpal sees 32 marks. Yashpal thinks he prayed that Durga gets what is right for her future. Teacher deducted 3 marks for bad handwriting. Subhadra calls Yashpal and asks what happened, did Durga’s result came, did she pass or fail. Yashpal says she got better marks than before, she failed by 3 marks. Durga gets shocked.

Subhadra smiles and says bad happened. She asks the maid to leave. Yashpal says Durga worked hard, she did not pass, but I m not annoyed, she worked hard, she got 32 marks, her hand was hurt, its enough for me. Durga checks her paper. Subhadra asks what are you saying. Durga and her friends get sad.

She says how can this happen, I saw number wrong. She recalls Subhadra’s words and says I won’t go Bhiwani, don’t send me, I worked hard, please don’t send me there. Everyone hear her and come out. Durga says I will stop playing, I will do what you say. Subhadra thinks Yashpal can melt by Durga’s words. Durga cries. Maid asks for money. Subhadra praises her and asks her not to get angry, you go and work.

Shilpa smiles and says Durga is gone now. Durga says I won’t go Bhiwani. Subhadra asks Yashpal to go aside and talk. She asks him not to go on her tears, she is a girl, forget everything, focus on red siren sound, you have to make Durga officer or not. Yashpal says yes, but I feel I should give her another chance. She requests maid to stay back. Maid agrees. Subhadra says I know Durga is your life, its not easy for you to get away from her, but you are not thinking what I m thinking, I can just see her future, if she can study hard there, she can study really well in Bhiwani school. Durga cries.


Meri Durga 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Yashpal says Durga will go Bhiwani. Durga’s friends curse the teacher for giving less marks to Durga. Amrita praises Durga.

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