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Meri Durga 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga’s name getting announced. Bantu goes to change. Durga is called in the ground. Aarti smiles. Shri looks for Durga. Durga sees a gada. Teacher asks students for Durga. Aarti says she did not see and smiles. Durga falls down and sees something.

Madhav sees Amrita and recalls the call. He helps her and passes colors. She turns and colors fall on them. They start laughing. She says we stay here together all day, we work here, why do we need to go out. He says we work here professionally, I want to know Amrita as a friend, so can we go out for coffee. She says I would have come, but you know its village, if anyone see me and tell dad, he will be upset. He says its fine, I can understand. He says so we have problem in going out, not in having coffee, you can have tea with me on terrace. She smiles. He says I will wait for you on terrace at night.

Dadi coughs. Subhadra comes home and holds Dadi Dadi asks her to go back to her palace. Subhadra starts her drama that she is burning in repentance fire. She apologizes. Brij confronts her. She thinks Yashpal is not saying anything. She holds his legs and asks him to forgive her. She thinks to do some new drama. Man announces Aarti is selected as Durga did not turn up for the race. Aarti gets glad. She goes for the race.

Subhadra says I don’t deserve to be here, I will go and die. She locks the door and takes kerosene bottle. Brij asks her to open door. Dadi and everyone worry. Yashpal sits eating food. They ask Yashpal to stop Subhadra. She sits calm and acts saying Yashpal forgive me. She waits for him to stop her. She pours kerosene on her.

Aarti thinks Durga can’t snatch my rights, I can go to any extent to win this championship. Durga wins teddy costume and fools Sanjay. Dadi stops Subhadra. Subhadra comes out and says now I will light myself, none can stop me. They all get shocked. Yashpal lights the matchstick and holds close to Subhadra. He says its not kerosene, its water. Subhadra recalls swapping kerosene with water.

Yashpal tells Subhadra has done wrong, I can’t forgive her, she has given much wounds. Durga runs out of the room. Bantu dresses as cheer leader and goes. Sanjay says was that bear Durga and runs after her. Rajveer looks for Durga. He sees Sanjay running after a bear. Durga runs to the ground. Everyone look on. Sanjay runs after her. He catches Durga and stops her.


Meri Durga 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga removes the teddy costume. They all get shocked. She starts running.

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