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Meri Durga 23rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 23rd July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga going to canteen. Everyone sees her and laughs. Yashpal comes to give tiffin to Durga. Guard says we will send it to her. Yashpal gets restless. Durga thinks why are they laughing, she will get tired and stop laughing. Peon gets tiffin and says your dad has sent tiffin for you. She thanks him. She checks the tiffin. Sanjay comes there playing the dhol. He says I will tell a story of an innocent looking girl. He tells Durga’s story and insults her. Everyone laughs. Sanjay says she acted to be friendly with enemies too. Durga recalls the past. Everyone calls her cheater. Aarti smiles.

Sanjay says this time I stood in college elections to throw Durga out of the college. Durga scolds him for dragging Yashpal in the talk. Yashpal comes and looks on. Durga tells everyone that Sanjay is a fraud, he can’t be trusted, he just knows to make big promises and when time comes, he runs away like a coward, you never know when he backstabs and runs. She leaves. Yashpal looks on.

Sheela tries kurta on Bantu. Bantu says no, this is very colorful. Sheela comes and takes Bantu’s side. Brij comes to take his phone. Sheela says we should leave good impression on rich family. Dadi asks him to talk to Yashpal once. He says I forgot. Dadi says Yashpal will finalize things. Brij says fine. Annapurna comes. Sheela asks why shall I give my son’s life to him, no need for him to interfere, he has ruined Durga’s life, our family lost respect by his decision. Brij asks her to focus on Bantu. Sheela says that’s why I m saying this. Dadi asks her to have big thinking. Sheela says I always say right, you all treat me bad. She argues with Dadi. Brij asks Dadi not to worry, else her health will go bad. Dadi says I m fine, listen to me carefully, you talk about house division after I die. Sheela says everyone has right to live life own way. Brij scolds her. Sheela says I will not be quiet this time.

Sheela does arrangements and asks Shilpa to help. Bantu gets ready and comes. Sheela praises him. She says his life will be made now, he will get much money from girl’s family. Dadi asks him not to talk anything, else he won’t let a single rupee. Yashpal comes home. A man comes and says Sarpanch called you out. Brij asks is Sarpanch standing out. Durga sees the bad pamphlets and recalls Yashpal’s words. She says just focus Durga, just keep your promise to dad.


Meri Durga 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Sarpanch scolds Yashpal and family. Sheela and Brij try to stop Sarpanch. Sheela argues. Yashpal says villagers will clear all bad remarks themselves.