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Meri Durga 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga preparing for the race. Yashpal and Subhadra come there to school. Yashpal says Durga is not here, we will check the exam list. They go to check the list. He says we are finding her, she is there. He checks the girl and sees someone else. Subhadra asks him to check for Durga’s name in the list. She thinks Durga is running in the ground, while he is looking for her name here. He does not see the name and looks again. Rajveer trains Durga. Subhadra asks him not to worry, Durga will be around, we will ask someone.

Yashpal asks a teacher about Durga. Teacher says she will be in stadium today, there is state championship race, go there. Subhadra asks really. Teacher goes. Subhadra says Durga went for race. Yashpal says she can’t go there, don;t say this again. She says we will go and see once,
maybe she went there by mistake, we will go and get her. He scolds her. She gets after him. Sanjay stops Yashpal and asks him to come with him, he has booked the seat for him. Yashpal asks for Durga. Sanjay says she is on race track, some with me.

Durga is on the track. Yashpal comes there and looks for Durga. Subhadra smiles seeing Durga and thinks my work is done. Yashpal says what is Durga doing here. Subhadra says we will go and see. She does not let Sanjay say. Yashpal asks Sanjay why did he come home. Sanjay says I came to congratulate her for the race. Yashpal asks what.

Subhadra says we will go and see, come. Durga thinks did Yashpal get the letter, or did not understand the address, come soon. Rajveer thinks Durga looks worried and waiting for her dad. He asks Durga to focus on race and not look here and there.

Madhav shows Rishi and Amrita’s picture and asks the pandit. Pandit does not tell him anything. Madhav scolds him and does not let him go. Madhav asks him to say him, he is asking for the last time. Pandit says see he is threatening me. Madhav slaps him and says I m not threatening. Pandit says its Dulaari’s son’s marriage photo. He tells Madhav everything. He says Rishi wanted to marry my daughter, but his kundli had dosh, he had to marry some other girl first, Dulaari did not tell them truth and wanted to break the marriage in mandap, she has used the girl’s weakness, but then truth came out, Dulaari and everyone got insulted, I was helpless and did this for my daughter, its not my mistake. Madhav gets shocked. He thinks of Dulaari’s words and thinks I was hating Amrita, I was so wrong, I was such a big fool.

Durga’s name gets announced. She looks for Yashpal. Yashpal gets shocked seeing her. Sanjay asks Yashpal what happened. Durga wishes Yashpal comes fast, as she has to make him meet her life’s biggest happiness. She smiles. Yashpal holds the laptop gift and looks on sadly. Durga turns and sees Yashpal. She thinks I want to make him meet my dreams, when I win the race, he will be proud of me and say she is my Durga. Rajveer wishes her all the best. Durga runs in the race. The man says Durga is ahead of everyone. Yashpal looks on.


Meri Durga 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav says I m Dulaari’s son, they made me against you and your family. Amrita slaps him. Durga runs to win the race. Durga wins. Yashpal cries.

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