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Meri Durga 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Subhadra convincing Yashpal to end Durga to Bhiwani for her future. She says how parents send children to boarding, think you have sent Durga to boarding for her future. Yashpal recalls the teacher’s words. She asks him to send Durga to her and leave everything on her. Durga cries. Yashpal sees Durga. Durga says Dadi, Yashpal is talking to Subhadra, he will send me to Bhiwani. Annapurna says I will talk to him, he won’t send you. Subhadra asks Yashpal to answer. He says I will send Durga. She gets glad.

Yashpal says Durga will go to Bhiwani. They all get shocked. Durga’s friends say Durga’s marks got cut because of bad handwriting, she has worked hard. Durga says don’t send me to Bhiwani. Yashpal says all this do not matter, pass means pass, fail means fail, Durga failed, the result can’t change, I decided this before, Durga has to go Bhiwani, you all go your home. Durga’s friends leave. Durga cries.

Subhadra asks maid to get out. She says my permanent maid is coming, now I need no one. Shilpa and Bantu are happy that Durga is going Bhiwani. Sheela says think if Durga goes Bhiwani, Subhadra will make her educated, then we will be here listening to Yashpal. Shilpa says you are smart, we did not think this. Sheela says I will give you a chance, think how to stop Durga from going to Bhiwani.

Durga’s friends go to teacher and scold him for cutting 3 marks in Durga’s paper. They scold teacher and blame him for making Durga leave from village. They curse the teacher. Teacher asks them to shut up. He says I came to check science paper, not maths, tell me your names, I will complain to principal. They run away. Manohar says we can’t let Durga leave. Bansi gets an idea and asks them to come.

Annapurna tells Dadi that Durga is young, how will she stay far from family. Dadi asks her not to cry, make heart strong, maybe its good for Durga and us, Yashpal will focus on Amrita after Durga goes, Durga is going to Subhadra’s house, don’t worry for her, she will become sensible and come. Sheela says elders have arguments, but… Brij asks did you forget that Amma said. Sheela says children are Lord’s avatar. Brij says you understand this now. Sheela says Durga is young, if she goes, house will look lonely, we will be sad, how will Durga study there, if she fails, it will be big problem.

Brij asks her to think good. She says if we have to make Durga sit at home like Amrita, it will be problem. Amrita says Durga won’t sit at home, our situation is different, I could not control my fear. But Durga is brave and studious, she is hardworking, Yashpal’s decision is right, she will learn many things with Shrijata. Sheela thinks since Amrita’s marriage broke, she is talking a lot.

Durga writes I m a good girl, I can study harder 100 times and shows to Yashpal. She says now you will be sure that I m a good girl, I can study harder. Yashpal says you are sensible, I trust you, I want you to reach heights, you will be able to study well there, you have to go Bhiwani. Durga’s friends get their parents to talk to Yashpal. Yashpal says I m sending Durga to Bhiwani, I don’t want to talk anything regarding this. Bansi’s dad talks in signs. Yashpal asks what are you saying.

Durga says he is saying, won’t you listen to friend, Durga did not fail, she can’t fail, because person loses when he accepts failure, Durga had wound in hand and even then got 32 marks, she proved she is working hard, she can do it if everyone supports her, Durga is raw soil, if you give her to anyone else, she will lose her self confidence forever, you should become her shield, she got courage from friends and family, no outsider can give her courage, she saved Amrita’s life from ruining, while studying for exams. He requests Yashpal. She says you are punishing this girl, support her, don’t let her go away. Durga cries. Durga’s friends ask Yashpal to agree and not send Durga away. Brij also says the same. Everyone ask Yashpal not to send Durga to Bhiwani.

Yashpal says you all would be thinking I m Durga’s enemy, but when she comes back in red light car, you will understand my decision was right, there are many things to distract her, Durga can study well there, she needs us and guidance also, she has to go Bhiwani. He goes to room and cries. He hears Durga crying and sees her lying under the bed. He asks are you prepared to go, you can play well, you are going to Subhadra’s house, we won’t be there, you have to take care of yourself.


Meri Durga 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga cries and asks Yashpal to hug her once. He cries. Amrita says Rishi cheated us thinking we are fools, you understood as you study, you have to fulfill Yashpal’s dreams.

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