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Meri Durga 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Meri Durga 23rd May 2017 on

The Episode starts with the announcement for the race beginning made. Durga runs in teddy costume. Sanjay tries to stop her. Everyone thinks who is the kid in teddy costume. Durga removes the costume and runs. Rajveer gets shocked. The contestants get on the mark. Durga runs to reach the race mark. The man is about to shoot. Aarti gets ready. Durga shouts wait, I have come. Sanjay and Aarti get shocked. Durga reveals herself by removing the teddy costume. Rajveer smiles. The man says we were waiting for you. Bantu see her and thinks Durga runs in race. They all get shocked. Durga says please let me run, I have come now, its imp for me. Teacher asks Durga where were you, everyone is waiting, what are you doing in teddy bear costume.

Durga says I did not get late on own. Teacher says I agree with her, she came before race begun, please talk to authorities, I think she should participate. Referee allows Durga. Durga goes ahead. Coach asks Aarti to come out, Durga will run. Aarti gets shocked. Everyone cheer for Durga. The man shoots in air. Race begins. Durga leads the race. The man says Durga has left everyone behind, it seems she will win race easily. Durga runs well.

A girl goes ahead of Durga. Rajveer thinks who is this girl who went ahead of Durga. The girl wins the race. Sanjay and Aarti smile. Durga reaches second. Rajveer gets shocked. Durga gets sad. Coach says you will represent our school in semi finals, good. The girl’s coach hugs her and congratulates her for winning. He says we have to win this tournament, just focus, come. Durga thinks the coach is encouraging her, I wish Rajveer was my coach, sorry I came second. She sees Rajveer. He cheers her. He says Durga has run well, but someone has prepared much better. The girl and Durga reach the semi finals. Durga gets the runner up’s price.

Coach says you are my tiger, always win. Teacher asks Durga not to worry, we will work hard and make her lose. Sanjay and Aarti get angry. Aarti says I can;t run instead Durga now, I have no chance now. Sanjay says I have to touch her feet in front of everyone now. Rajveer sees the girl and says she has run so well, her coach has given her brilliant training, I should meet them. He goes and congratulates the coach. He gets surprised seeing his friend Satnaam. He asks how did you come here. Satnaam says Kuljeet is my daughter, I m dad and coach too, I had to come here. Rajveer says congrats. Satnaam says you are Durga’s coach, I was thinking its you, who made me lose in race years ago, see the game of fate, my daughter made your student lose, my daughter will race to win, tell Durga to stop running, just Kuljeet will win this championship.

Rajveer gets Chana for Durga. She says sorry, I will work hard. Rajveer says you have to work hard and increase stamina, we have less time. Durga says but the girl was looking unhappy after she won. He asks her to think of herself, if she loses in final, what will happen of grace marks and dad’s dreams. She sees the jalebis and eats. He says I have to talk about your training, we have to increase training sessions. She says it would be good if you were our pt teacher, you would be always with us. He asks her not to think what can’t happen, we should focus on training. She smiles.


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