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Meri Durga 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of  Meri Durga 24th May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Bantu saying Durga is gone now, she wants to run in race. She calls him out. He gets shocked. She says I have seen you in changing room. He says I will tell Yashpal about you. She says I will also tell Brij then. He asks what’s proof. She calls Shri. Shri comes and laughs seeing Bantu. Bantu says I will not tell anyone. Durga get a pic clicked with Bantu and Shri. Bantu says I won’t tell anyone, you also don’t tell anyone.

Dadi coughs and says I think this cough and medicine won’t leave you. Madan comes and congratulates. He gives sweets to everyone. Dadi does not eat it. He says you can have sweets, you have no TB. They all get shocked. Durga sees her friend crying. Saru apologize to her and tells what Sanjay said. Durga says its fine, see how I teach him a lesson.

Madan says lab gave false report to Dadi. Brij asks what about medicines. Madan says I gave good medicines, Dadi has no TB, she can live anyway she wants. Dadi slaps him and scolds, asking him to get lost. Durga calls someone and says you said I can call you whenever I need help. She complains about injustice happening in school.

Annapurna says Amrita came over from the incident, we should find a guy for her, if there is something wrong happen. Yashpal says don’t think again, I m proud of both my daughters, they won’t go on wrong path. Durga comes home. Brij shows samosas and jalebis. She thinks of Rajveer and smiles.

He asks what happened. She says torture is happening on me. He asks her to say. She asks why did he come early today. He says Madhav asked for phone battery urgently, so I came. Madhav comes. Brij gives battery. Madhav thanks him. He pays him. Durga makes face seeing Madhav. Madhav goes back. Brij says Madhav gave less money. Brij says I will take it from him always. Durga says he looks miser. Brij asks her to take snacks and go. Durga goes. Madhav comes back and says sorry, 100rs were less, have this. He pays him and goes. Brij says Madhav is honest and smiles.

Madhav decorates the terrace and waits for Amrita. Amrita comes there. They have an eyelock. He dreams of her. Amrita really comes. He gets shocked seeing Durga. Amrita recalls getting ready to meet him. Durga sees her and asks why is she getting ready. Amrita says I just want to have some air, and asks her to sleep. Durga asks Madhav why did he decorate the terrace, he just pays rent for room. He thanks her for reminding him. He says I wanted to have fresh air. Durga asks Madhav why is he having two cups of tea. Madhav says I don’t get sleep at night without tea, I will have it. Amrita smiles. Madhav says you both can have tea, I will make for myself again. Durga calls him frog. Amrita asks her to call him Bhaiya. Durga says he wants to trap you, I know everything. He signs Amrita. Amrita asks Durga what is she saying.

Durga says I know his plan, he wants to get rent less, Amrita is innocent, but I m clever. Madhav smiles and thinks she is mistaken. She takes Amrita and goes. Its morning, Durga shows her feet to Sanjay. He runs. She says you can’t get saved from me today and runs after her. Sanjay hides in the class. She sees him and smiles.


Meri Durga 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Minister comes to school and asks about Rajveer Rana. Amrita gets shocked seeing Madhav blowing off fire by hands. Yashpal asks Durga about sports shoes.

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