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Meri Durga 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga trying to send Dadi. Sanjay calls her cheater. Durga says you go, I will make tea for you. Dadi goes. Durga asks Sanjay to leave. Sanjay says I will go by my wish. He falls over her. They have an eyelock. She scolds him for not trusting her. She asks him to get lost. He goes. He talks to Aarti on call and lies to her. She says I just went for shopping, see you.

She goes to meet someone and asks the man to get away. She gives him wine. Its Rajveer. He asks her to keep bringing the wine. He falls down. Aarti says its good if you drink and fall unconscious.

Its morning, Durga meets Sanjay. He tells everyone that Durga believes she has won all races on her own, but how can I believe this, reports said she took steroids, even then I want to give her a chance to prove herself, I m giving her a challenge, she will be racing with Aarti tomorrow, without taking any medicines. He asks her does she want to prove herself right. Durga gets silent.

At home, Durga thinks who is SP, that I fulfill his challenge, but if I don’t prove him wrong, everyone will believe him. Amrita comes and says you are giving a chance to them to say all this, you should run. Durga says last time when I ran, you know what happened. Amrita asks her to prove truth, else tell Yashpal that she can’t run now. Durga says you don’t say this. Amrita says you have to just run once, end this matter. Durga recalls Sanjay’s words. She agrees and says challenge accepted. Yashpal looks on and smiles. Durga thanks and hugs Amrita. Yashpal talks to Lord and says Durga took her first step today, give her strength.

He asks Annapurna to see the diyas, its happy day. He opens a trunk and says this is our dream. He shows Durga’s sports medal. He says I want her to see her win gold medal again, she will run tomorrow, she will show everyone that she can fulfill the promise, she will run after 5 years tomorrow, I knew Lord will find a way for her. Bantu sees the girl’s pic and is lost. Brij and Sheela look on. She gets angry on Yashpal and Dadi. Brij says this girl is not the last one, he can get anyone. She argues. Brij asks her what is she going to do now. Sanjau gets the arrangements done in college. He says it will be Durga’s failure today. People bet on her win. The college union chief asks Durga to make Sanjay lose any way. Durga says I will win. She goes. He smiles and says its our win.


Meri Durga 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks Sanjay is he coward to refuse to her challenge. He agrees to take challenge. She says I will decide race track and smiles. Yashpal looks on.