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Meri Durga 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 25th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer running after Yashpal and stopping him. Durga goes for award ceremony. Rajveer says Durga is getting grace marks for studies. Yashpal says you spoilt her by making her enter sports. Rajveer says she has become champion. Yashpal beats him Rajveer and says you did this to get fame for yourself. Rajveer asks him to listen. Durga receives the prize. Everyone clap and cheer for her. Rajveer says I respect you, listen to me. The man asks Durga how does she feel by getting this success. Durga says I just have to meet my dad.

Amrita goes to Madhav and gives the shoes. She says I know responsibility increases after marriage, but if I come and meet mum and Dadi sometimes, they will miss me a lot. You know I spent time with mum and understand her pain, Yashpal and Durga will also miss me, we will come twice a week to meet them, I m very happy with this marriage. Tujhme rab dikhta….plays…. He thinks Amrita is pure, my thinking was wrong, I will lose her if I tell truth, I can’t live without her. Rajveer asks Yashpal to calm his anger. Yashpal beats him and throws him on the bike. Rajveer says Durga wants to run. Yashpal asks him not to go close to Durga. Rajveer faints. The man says someone call police and ambulance.

Durga comes there and sees Rajveer injured. She gets shocked. Subhadra comes there and gets shocked. The man says someone call police, his head is bleeding, don’t let that man go, he has beaten up Rajveer. Durga sees Yashpal and asks him to listen to her once. Yashpal cries and asks what shall I listen, I trusted you, I thought you are going to write scholarship exam, I thought I will help you in study and worked day and night to buy this laptop for you. He keeps the laptop on ground and kicks it. Durga cries. Subhadra looks on and smiles.

Yashpal says I thought you will get glad, you cheated me, you got smart and started taking life’s decisions, its my mistake, not yours, I have sent you to other city to study, you are not my Durga now. He says education makes a life, sports fame fade out after some days, it does not take you anywhere, see you started lying to me. She says I wrote a letter for you but…. He says stop it, and raises hand…. Subhadra smiles.

Amrita helps Annapurna in work. Annapurna sshows sindoor box to Dadi. Dadi says its great, put sindoor in it. Annapurna says sindoor is filled in it. He says you are not my daughter, don’t talk to me. Durga says listen to me once. She sees a truck coming. Yashpal says I m not your dad, don’t talk to me. He walks on the road and comes in front of truck. Durga shouts. Sindoor falls down. Dadi says what did you do, its abshagun. Amrita says there is nothing like abshagun, everything will be fine, don’t worry.

Yashpal falls away and gets hit. Subhadra asks Yashpal to get up. Police comes there and arrests Yashpal. The man says this is that man who has beaten up Rana Sir a lot. Ambulance comes for Rajveer. Durga says no, my dad did not do anything, leave him. Yashpal asks her to stop lying. He says yes, I have beaten Rajveer, he is a liar, take me to police station and hang me. He cries. Inspector asks constable to take him. Yashpal goes with police. Durga cries. Yashpal is put up in lockup. Inspector beats him and asks why did you beat that teacher, he is critical, if anything happens to him, you are gone forever

Yashpal recalls Durga running in the race. Dulaari tells Sheela that Madhav changed completely, he is planning to marry Amrita, we have seen dreams to take revenge from Amrita and Yashpal, it won’t be fulfilled now. Sheela gets shocked. Durga comes to Yashpal. Yashpal sees her and says I should be beaten up, how can a peon dream that his daughter becomes big officer. Subhadra comes.

Yashpal says fate has beaten me, you also beat me. Inspector beats him. Durga says don’t beat him, he did not do anything. Inspector asks them to send her out, that teacher’s state is critical. Rajveer comes there and says this is our personal matter, leave him. Inspector says he has beaten you, we will beat him and send him home. Durga says no, he is a good man.

Rajveer says he is like my elder brother, we will sort our misunderstandings, please leave him. Inspector leaves him. Subhadra asks Durga to stay away from Yashpal. Durga cries.


Meri Durga 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadi scolds Durga. Durga runs and cries. Amrita explains Yashpal about Durga.