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Meri Durga 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 25th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Yashpal crying. He says my bird has left from the nest, but I m sure when she leaves the nest and takes the flight, even the sky will be less for her heights. Principal asks Rajveer where is that girl, he has said that he will get Durga. Rajveer tells principal that once Durga’s fate supports her, she will not look back, her fate will bring her to me. Bantu tells Durga that he likes his hair and told Sheela that he wants to get bald, then Sheela asked him to keep long hair. He asks Durga to do bad things in Subhadra’s house, so that she sends her back.

Yashpal thinks of Amrita and worries. He goes to meet Rishi. Durga and Bantu reach Bhiwani’s stop. Bantu says I m telling you, none will care for you in Subhadra’s house, just do as I said, come. Durga gets down the bus. Yashpal meets Rishi at the court canteen. He beats up Rishi.

The lawyer stops Yashpal for doing this. Yashpal says I will not leave Rishi. Everyone stop Yashpal and hold him. Yashpal says I should go jail that I did not know Rishi’s truth, my young daughter got to know his truth, she has heard my scolding and skipped school to expose Rishi. Lawyer says I know Rishi well, he is a decent guy. Yashpal says we also thought so and was giving him our daughter. He tells everyone how Rishi cheated them.

Lawyer says enough now, I understood. He asks Rishi how can he ruin a girl’s life by following superstitions. Rishi says no, marriage broke as his daughter used to get attacks. Lawyer slaps Rishi for having such mentality. He scolds Rishi. Rishi says Yashpal is lying. Lawyer says I can’t work with you, you leave from here, take your payment. Yashpal looks on. Rishi leaves.

Bantu says Subhadra will complain about you, and then Yashpal will take you back to village. Durga says no, Yashpal does not give anyone a chance to speak, I love him a lot, he also loves me, he can’t stay away from me and locked himself in room, he will come Bhiwani and take me. Bantu thinks to teach her a lesson. He scolds her and asks her to go to Subhadra’s house alone. Bantu goes. She calls him out.

Sheela asks Amrita where is she going. She calls everyone to see. Brij asks what happened, what did Amrita go. Sheela says Amrita is going out of home. Amrita says I m going to find work. Dadi asks Amrita how to go anywhere. She says Sheela is right, marriage broke some days before, people will taunt you. Amrita says I have heard everything since childhood, I locked my courage till now, what did I get, I got cheated in the end, wrong people used our silence, not anymore, I won’t give a chance to anyone to fool us, people will make news, let them ask me, I will answer. Yashpal agrees. Sheela thinks they are ruining my hardwork. She asks Yashpal to make Amrita work at home, she is young, anything can happen, why is she going, you should explain her, atleast think of Brij’s respect. Brij and Dadi stop Sheela.

Dadi worries. Amrita says my life’s new journey is starting, its my journey, so let me take my step alone, just bless me, I will fight on own. Yashpal blesses her and asks her not to care for anyone’s words, he is with her. Amrita goes. Sheela gets angry.

Durga looks for Bantu. She falls down. Bantu sees her standing away. A man sees Durga. A lady scolds a boy. Durga sees many people around. Bantu says now Durga will understand the result of not listening to me. He goes to see Durga and does not find her. He calls her out. A man stares at Durga and follows her.


Meri Durga 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Subhadra scolds Bantu and says if Durga gets missing, there will be no news of her. A couple catch Durga. Amrita meets some guy.

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