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Meri Durga 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Yashpal getting annoyed and leaving. Durga thinks he is annoyed and did not bless me, I wish his anger gets down and he listens to me, I just want a chance. Her friends come and see her studying. Durga’s friends encourage her to study so that Yashpal praises her. Durga goes to Sneha and asks for some answer. Sneha asks why are you wasting my time. Durga lies to her about Shweta. Neha gets angry and goes to Shweta. Neha and Shweta argue and fight. Durga goes to Sir and tells him about Neha and Shweta’s fight. She sends the teacher. She copies the questions from Sir’s book, and says he is going to ask these questions today. The peon comes. She hides under the table.

Durga goes to class. Teacher tells everyone about the test in class today, its for preparing them

for maths exam, they have to make their school name shine today. He writes the question on board. Durga sees the same question in her paper. Teacher asks anyone who knows answer to raise hand. Durga raises hand. Teacher asks do you want to go out, you won’t know this answer, come lets see what magic you do today. Durga’s friends think she will get scolded today. Durga thinks this is the chance to answer right and get praised by Yashpal, so that I can tell him about Rishi.

She writes the maths solution on board. Teacher says its wrong, and asks her friend to say. Her friend says Durga’s solution is right but she has written decimal wrong. Durga says I forgot to write in hurry. Teacher says don’t cry, you solved a tough question and impressed me, I feel I did something big that you understood something, very good. She puts the decimal. Everyone clap for her.

Durga thinks I copied question and did wrong, I will not do this again. She asks teacher to help her, its imp. He asks what happened. She says sorry, but please praise me in front of Yashpal, he will be much happy. He says you can tell this to him. She says he won’t be happy if I say, please tell him.

Subhadra asks Annapurna not to worry about shopping. Annapurna thanks her. Subhadra says don’t thank now, send Durga with me, when she changes and comes back, then thank me. Amrita says Durga is young, how will she stay there. Subhadra’s husband explains her that child can change only in tender age. Subhadra says he is right, don’t delay much, else Yashpal’s dream will be incomplete. She leaves with her husband and daughter.

Teacher praises Durga in front of Yashpal. Yashpal gets glad. He thanks the teacher. Yashpal claps for Durga. He says I was waiting to hear this, Dulaari has forgiven you, I have also forgiven you, study hard and see I will get everything you get. Durga cries and says I don’t want anything, just listen to me, promise me you will not get angry on me. He asks what’s the matter, tell me. She says when I was coming back that day… He asks what happened. He gets Brij’s call. She says listen to me. He says I have to book marriage hall, go home, I will listen to everything at home. He leaves. She says Yashpal would have not needed to book hall if he heard me.

She goes to buy the glasses for Yashpal. She asks him if marriage is cancelled, does wedding hall people refund amount. He says yes but what’s the matter. She says nothing, make this glasses soon. She gives her details. She goes.

She sees Amrita’s fav candy and thinks to buy it for Amrita. She buys some candy. Her friends come there and buy the candy. Durga argues with them and says my heart is big, I can solve both my problems on own.

Durga tells Yashpal about the function day. He sees her left knee wounded and asks did you run in race. She says yes. He slaps her.

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