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Meri Durga 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update – 1st Episode


The Episode starts with a beautiful morning sight in a village background. The people pass by chanting. Durga’s father does the Surya dev puja. He calls out Durga. He gets dressed in the school peon uniform. He does not see Durga on bed and thinks where did she go. He sees her sleeping under the bed and smiles. He wakes her up and asks her to go and get ready fast, its Maths exam today. He takes Durga to school on his cycle and talks to her on the way. He tells her importance of studies. He says you will become big officer and come in red light car, I will salute you, my life passed in peon’s clothes, I just want my daughter’s head to look up and eyes seeing the sky. Durga sees the sky and smiles seeing a kite. He drops her to school.

Durga does not get Maths solutions and says who made

this question paper. She has her own logic to every question and writes down. She appears much innocent and also poor in studies. She asks a boy to help. The boy says I don’t know. The classmates ask each other for answers. A studious boy is busy writing exam and does not help. Teacher scolds a boy. A girl asks for supplement. Durga thinks what is she writing in it.
Durga looks out of window. She sees the kite in the sky. Her exam ends. Durga’s father welcomes a lady officer and salutes her. He holds the umbrella. She sees his name on badge and says Yashpal ji, I don’t need this. Principal welcomes her and thanks her for coming. She says your school result will show whether my coming is good luck or not, I came here for inspection. She does not take even tea. Yashpal and other peon talk of her. Yashpal says I have to make big officer like her, I wish Durga passes this exam, then she will get scholarship, further studies will get easy. Other peon asks are you mad, every father dreams of daughter’s marriage and you are dreaming to give big files in her hands. Yashpal says my daughter will get down red light car when I dream and laughs.

Durga runs to look after the kite. Yashpal asks Durga’s friends about her, where is she, how was her exam, did she write all questions. The boys say no, we don’t know. Durga is seen running in the fields after the kite.

Athletic competition goes on in village. Durga comes there. A coach asks his student to break all records. Durga jumps over the wrestler while seeing the kite and falls down. She gets up and rights. The boys compete in the running race. Durga runs with the boys, while looking at the kite. She runs ahead of the boys. The coach and organizers get shocked seeing her, and wonder from where did the girl come in between the race. Durga runs, unaware of the race. She crosses the finishing line and sets new record. She goes and takes the kite. The coach looks at her. The people clap for her. The man asks coach who is she. Coach says bullet. Durga sees the crowd and runs out in the fields. The coach looks on.

Durga sells the kite and the thread to a boy and takes money. The boy challenges her for kite flying. She says this money is not for competition and betting, its for….. She runs towards home. She makes her a cycle fall. She thinks she will get scolded. She looks inside the house, and sees the family talking. She tells their lines along with them.

Durga’s aunty says my husband Brij got a good proposal for Amrita, its wrong if we welcome the groom’s family, we did our work, now Yashpal should do his duty. Yashpal drinks tea. He says right, I will do something, I have less money, proposal came early, I wanted groom’s family to come later. He asks Brij how is the guy. Brij praises the guy, and says Amrita’s fate is really good. Yashpal’s Amma asks him to see guy once. Yashpal says no need, Brij has seen him, it means I have seen him. Durga smiles and comes inside the house. She says groom for Didi is found and dances. She makes things fall.

Durga’s aunt asks her husband to scold Durga. Brij scolds Durga to obey his wife and then signs Durga not to care. Durga is sent to study. Amma says don’t refuse groom’s family to come, Yashpal will manage everything, if this talk gets set, then Brij will arrange nek and shagun. Brij says yes, there is no problem. His wife stares at her. Brij says I have to open shop and goes.

Yashpal and his wife have a talk. She cries and worries for her daughter. He says if Durga studies well, respect and everything will come in this room, a big officer came in our school today, she took principal in hand, this is the power of the post, even if Durga studies bit and becomes head clerk, peons will greet her and ask her to have tea and juice. Durga comes and hugs him, saying I don’t like tea and juice. He laughs. Her mum says we want tea cups and utensils, as groom’s family is coming tomorrow. Durga asks them to borrow it from aunt. Yashpal asks Durga to go and study, they will see all this. His wife says we need atleast 300-400 rs for tea and snacks, how to arrange that. She goes to arrange dinner. Durga smiles seeing the 10rs and goes to keep it in her mum’s purse. She says some thing will come by this money.

Durga goes to Amrita on terrace and asks are you thinking of would be groom. Amrita says I m worried for clothes, what to wear, I don’t know what to do, cousin Shilpa’s clothes are not fitting me now. Durga gets an idea.

Its morning, Durga plucks mangoes from the tree. She asks her friend to give the dress now, I have plucked 21 mangoes, I will return dress tomorrow, thanks. She takes the dress and goes. The teacher tells students that he is giving them the exam papers back, they can check their marks. Durga worries seeing her exam paper.

Yashpal asks how many marks did Durga get. Durga says I will not tell this today, my Bua is coming today. Durga’s cousin gets her exam paper and thinks to get Durga beaten up. She gives exam result to Yashpal. Durga gets scared.

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