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Meri Durga 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 26th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 26th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Bantu looking for Durga and asking people. Durga goes to drink water. She helps a blind man. She asks him to pray that she gets her brother Bantu. He blesses her. Bantu meets the man. The man tells about Durga He asks where did she go. He says I can’t see, maybe she went there. Bantu looks for her.

Subhadra talks to her friend and says my brother’s daughter is coming, my permanent maid, she will do all the work. Her friend says the girl can know you are making her work as maid. Subhadra says I will easily manage her, I won’t let her know that she has come to become maid here, not study. Bantu looks for Durga and argues with some man.

A man pulls Durga and tells her that bus was coming backwards. She asks about Bantu. He says I don’t know. He sells food and goes. Shilpa is at chat stall and sees a guy. She recalls meeting him before in the mall and smiles. She says my Madhav…. She goes and greets him. He goes. Shilpa smiles. Amrita comes for work. Brij follows her and sees the place.

The man says new manager did not come, give me your name and details. Amrita gives her details and comes out. Madhav comes there. She passes by Madhav. A man follows Durga. A lady asks why are you worried. Durga asks her to help, her brother is lost, she has no money to call her dad, I came here to meet my bua. The lady asks her dad’s number. Durga tells her. Yashpal gets the call. The lady says I think its wrong number. Durga says what to do now. The lady says come with me. The lady smiles seeing the man.

Bantu comes to Subhadra’s house. She asks where is Durga. He says I lost Durga, forgive me. She scolds him and says this is Bhiwani, when a girl goes missing, she is never found, Yashpal will not leave you. She throws things at home. She looks for Durga’s pic and gets one. Yashpal calls Subhadra and says why is she not answering, she could atleast say Durga came or not.

The lady asks Durga to come and sit. She says I will take care of you, I will get food for you. A man calls someone to sell Durga. The lady goes to the man. He asks her to make the girl drink the powder, she will sleep.

Madhav checks the handicrafts and talks to the people. He says govt. Will be giving you work, be ready to showcase your talent. Shilpa comes there. Madhav says if your work is liked, you will get more work, you have to send best artists ahead, who are hardworking and deserving. He says I don’t like any carelessness or jokes in work. Shilpa sees him and smiles. He says we will make a new start tomorrow, good luck, I have to stay in this village, I need a rented home. Shilpa says rented home, and gets glad. She goes to a guy and flirts with him. She asks him to help her. He agrees.

The lady says we will find out about Subhadra, don’t worry, have juice, all your problem will end, I will go to market and come. She goes. Durga says I will tell her Subhadra’s house is near market. She sees the house door locked. Subhadra and her husband look for Durga. Durga sees the lady talking to the man. He asks when will the girl faint. Subhadra asks people about Durga. The lady says the girl has drunk juice, now she will faint. Durga recalls seeing the man.


Meri Durga 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Subhadra calls Yashpal. He asks about Durga. She says I was going to call you, Durga….. Someone knocks the door. Subhadra sees police and gets shocked.


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