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Meri Durga 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga coming home. Yashpal asks her is this shoes yours. She thinks she can’t lie and prays. She says yes, its my shoes, school gave me this shoes. He asks do you run, tell me clearly. She says yes. He scolds her and says you told me you will never run. She says yes, I told you, but…. He says you broke my promise. Neighbor lady comes to take sugar. She says you should be proud of Durga, you are scolding her, she thinks of others than herself, she runs to school from bus stop, she does not let me drop her, she runs so soon, she thinks for you a lot. Durga cries. Lady says kids these days are like Bantu, useless. Sheela argues with her.

Yashpal feels bad and blesses Durga. He says you don’t need to run now. Bantu thinks lady ruined my plan. Annapurna gives sugar to lady. Durga thanks Lord. Yashpal says you focus on studies well. Durga says sure. He goes. Durga says I m doing this for marks. She sees Bantu and pulls his ear. She scolds him.

Madhav sees Amrita and smiles. He goes to Yashpal. Durga thinks he went to Yashpal to lessen rent. He tells about the exhibition, I want to keep Amrita’s art there, its good, I think Amrita should come along, she will earn name. Yashpal agrees. Madhav gets glad. Shilpa thinks Amrita makes paintings and get a chance to stay with Madhav, I will make better painting, then he will take me along. Yashpal says if Amrita gets courage by this, then fine take her along. Madhav thanks him.

Yashpal says tell me when you will go and come. Amrita thinks Madhav really convinced dad. Madhav goes upstairs and sees her. Shilpa makes a painting and kisses it. She thinks Madhav will like it. Rajveer trains students. Durga comes. He asks her not to come late. She smiles. He says I m talking seriously. She says you came school after long time. He asks her to go and warm up. He asks Aarti to increase her fitness, don’t give up, you can become next year champion. Durga says I helped you and you are scolding me. Rajveer says all this outside school, all students are same, you have race with Kuljit, she is ready to make you lose.

Shilpa shows the painting to Madhav and says I was busy in studies and did not continue painting. He gets shocked seeing her kiddish painting. She asks him how did he like it. He smiles and says you have to learn english and painting too, we will keep your art exhibition after some years, till then practice. He goes.

Annapurna feeds curd to Amrita. Yashpal asks Amrita not to trust anyone, take care. Madhav greets them and asks Amrita to come. Yashpal says Madhav… Madhav says don’t worry, I will get her home on time. Yashpal asks her to make a call. Madhav and Amrita leave. Shilpa asks Sheela to see, no one is stopping them, I will be left behind. Shilpa says no, see what I do.

Rajveer gives tips and explains Durga about important things to run in race. Durga says I thought we just have to run. He asks her to focus on finishing line. She asks do I have to study in running also. He says yes, you have to practice, just winner gets grace marks, you have to make Kuljit lose. Aarti looks on and thinks Durga made me out of competition, I won’t let her run.

Meri Durga 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga drops the candy. She gets shocked seeing…. Madhav says I have to tell you something Amrita.

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