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Meri Durga 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 27th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Durga coming home. Brij tells Dadi that Yashpal booked the marriage hall. Dadi asks Yashpal to do shopping from Bhiwani. Yashpal sees Durga. He asks what were you saying, sit and tell me. She says I wanted to tell you first, about the rasam day, when you all wwent there, there was race competition. He recalls Rajbeer’s words. He sees the wound on her right knee. He asks did you run in race. She says near that stadium… He says tell me did you run in race. He gets angry and asks did you run or not. Everyone come and ask what happened. He asks yes or no.

Durga says yes. He slaps her. Durga falls down. They all get shocked. Yashpal scolds Durga for lying to him, is she not ashamed. Annapurna hugs Durga. Yashpal tells what Durga did, she was racing with her friends,I will break her leg, she will not be able to go out. Dadi scolds Durga.

Yashpal gets angry and cries. He says I did big mistake, she broke my trust, but I have to rectify my mistake, till her exam ends, I will focus on her, Brij go and tell Dulaari to forgive them but marriage will happen after Durga’s exams. Sheela holds her head. Brij asks how to do this. Yashpal says no.

Amrita apologizes to Rishi from Durga’s side. She hears Dadi and Yashpal, and asks him to wait. Rishi also hears them on call. Yashpal says Durga does not know anything, Amrita’s marriage will happen after Durga’s exam. Sheela asks why are you spoiling Amrita’s life because of Durga. Shilpa tells Amrita that Durga did big thing. Brij says Sheela is not wrong, you booked hall for marriage, think well. Sheela says we started shopping also, you convinced Dulaari, she will not listen. Yashpal says I don’t want to hear anything, I can’t risk other’s future to make one’s future bright.

Rishi says Durga will spoil my plan. He tells Dulaari not to answer any call from Amrita’s phone. Amrita calms down Yashpal. Yashpal asks why are you crying. Durga should cry when I monitor her, she has to study day and night. Sheela calls Subhadra. She tells what’s happening at home. Subhadra talks to Yashpal. He says I will do Amrita’s marriage after Durga’s exam. She says send her with me, I will change. He says I will change her, if she fails, I will send her to Bhiwani, I have to focus on her.

Bantu taunts Durga. Amrita asks Durga why did you go to race. Yashpal says fine, I will not postpone marriage, but someone has to take marriage responsibility. Subhadra wishes Durga runs in race and fails in studies, so that her dreams fulfill. Yashpal tells Brij to take arrangements responsibility of Amrita’s marriage, I can’t see Durga’s studies spoil, if I leave Durga, hardwork, money, and dreams she will ruin them. Sheela thinks its best, if I have to manage money, I will sink Yashpal in loan.

Sheela asks Yashpal to focus on Durga, Amrita is our daughter too. Brij says yes, I will manage the responsibility. Yashpal says I won’t forget this favor. Yashpal takes Durga and asks her to study till she falls asleep. Durga cries. He asks her to study. Annapurna looks on. He scolds her for lying. Durga goes to Amrita. Amrita asks how many lies did you say, I always saved you not to spoil you. Durga says listen to me. Amrita says dad and mum got hurt, I don’t want to talk to you. She sleeps.

Durga goes to Annapurna and asks her to talk. Annapurna says I don’t want to hear you. Durga goes. Yashpal sits crying. Durga says I thought to lessen his problem by getting glasses, I m not good in studies, what to do, how to become good daughter.


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