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Meri Durga 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Durga hearing the lady talking to the man. She looks for the exit way to run. The lady comes towards the door. Durga takes her bags and starts running. The lady catches her and asks her to stop. The man comes and sees Durga running away. The lady asks the man to catch Durga. The man runs after Durga. Durga runs from the terrace and reaches the road. She falls down by the stone coming in her way. A man sees Durga running, and the couple running after her. She asks the man to let her go, the couple is kidnapping her. The goon lies that she is running from the house as she got less marks in maths. The lady says she is making story to run away. Durga runs away.

Bantu asks Subhadra not to tell Yashpal, he will get beating. Subhadra scolds him. She says what shall I answer Yashpal.

She gets Yashpal’s call. He asks her about Durga. She gets tensed. Someone knocks the door. She gets shocked seeing police with getting Durga. She says Durga reached well, I will call you later.

Subhadra asks Durga where was she and scolds her. Inspector says I will tell you, we found her in trouble and saved her. Subhadra’s husband thanks him. Inspector asks them to be careful. Bantu says this will not happen again. Subhadra asks him to leave. Bantu asks him for sandwich. She asks him to go, he will miss bus. She gets angry on him. Bantu goes. Subhadra asks Durga to sit, and say what happened. She says I was in tension, if you fought with Bantu, would you do this. Yashpal waits for call. Subhadra says what shall I tell Yashpal. Durga recalls Yashpal’s words and says don’t tell anything to him. Yashpal calls again. Subhadra says I got Durga. He asks did she go missing. She says no, Shrijata and Durga were playing hide and seek. He says fine, I was tensed.

Subhadra talks sweet and says there is much work. He says yes, much studies, make me talk to her. She says if you talk to her, she will miss you and cry. He says fine, if I fall weak, it will be bad. Durga takes phone and talks to Yashpal. She says I know why you did not come to meet me, I will go school and fulfill your dreams, I will become your good daughter, then you will proudly tell everyone that I m your daughter. Yashpal tells Annapurna that Durga got sensible and grown up in one day, talk to her. Annapurna asks Durga about her welfare. Durga says I m fine. Subhadra says don’t worry, think Durga came to her mum’s house, she is tired, let her rest, talk later.

Annapurna tells Yashpal that Subhadra will take good care of Durga. A guy goes to Madhav. Madhav asks him to back, knock door and take permission to come. The guy takes permission. The guy says I heard you wanted room for rent, I have good flat, you can take it.

Subhadra asks Durga to wake up on time, else she will complain to Yashpal. Shri comes and meets Durga. Subhadra talks to her husband. She says I m explaining with love, I will beat Durga if needed, I have to control her. Shri takes Durga to her room. Durga sees the beautiful room. Shri shows her room. Durga smiles.

Subhadra says we will fool Durga by sweetness, get pizza for me in room, we will eat here. She says I have to control Durga, if Durga knows why I got her here, she will run away, and I will also run away leaving you. Durga likes the pens and sits on study table. Subhadra says Shri’s school is much big, she goes to coaching class, she studies much and finishes a pen in two days, don’t touch anything without asking me, Shri can have problem. Durga nods.

She asks Shri why did she get new sheets. Shri says Durga likes this sheets. Subhadra asks will you sleep on one bed. Durga says yes, Amrita and I used to sleep on single bed. Subhadra says Shri kicks a lot in sleep, I will make your bed down, you can sleep well, Shri will sleep on bed alone, come down, I made food ready. Shri and Durga smile. Subhadra thinks Durga will work from tomorrow and I will rest.


Meri Durga 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Amrita gets scared seeing someone and throws something at the window. Durga hugs Subhadra. Subhadra pushes her. A flower vase breaks by Durga. Subhadra starts shouting on her.

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