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Meri Durga 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanjay Reveals His Next Plan


Meri Durga 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 28th December 2017 Episode Start With Yashpal asking Durga to promise him first. She promises. He says you have to call press and tell them that the sting operation was your plan to frame Gayatri and Neelkant. She gets shocked. She asks him what is he saying, they have tolerated so much, we have seen mum getting tortured, when she proved her truth, why is he asking her to spoil everything. She recalls the past. She cries and asks him to answer her, what did they face because of her defaming. He wipes her tears. She says I have seen you hurt, how shall I send you to that phase again. He says I have no answer.

Yashpal says you have just two days now, you have to do this. Sanjay comes home and sees Yashpal. Yashpal leaves. Sanjay asks what happened Durga, your dad looked pale, he didn’t scold me. She says he was not my dad, my dad never lies to me, he has asked me to accept a lie, its just your profit, you are after me only for this thing, tell me what did you tell him, how did you force him. He claps and says if anything happens in your house, will you blame me. She asks him to tell her, what did he say to threaten her dad. He says I m not into this matter, just chill.

Yashpal comes home. Annapurna asks what happened. He says Sanjay got to know everything, he is threatening me. She cries. She says Durga will never agree, if our secret comes out….Rajveer asks which secret. They get shocked seeing Rajveer. Rajveer says she will never agree to lie, what are you hiding from Durga.

Durga thinks what did Sanjay tell dad, maybe about my life. She thinks of her friend’s words. Sanjay comes to her. He irritates her. She asks him to move and dumps the icecream. He says I m your husband, I should solve this puzzle, just think of the game, you don’t have time, so I m helping you. He stops her. She asks how did you threaten Yashpal. He asks her to accept her mistake. She says never. He says secret, I m blackmailing your dad by a secret, I can make him do anything. She gets shocked and thinks what secret does dad have.

Yashpal stays worried. Rajveer and Brij pacify him. Rajveer says Durga won’t accept lie, I have to know the matter, as its about Durga, our mistake can be proved costly for her. He calls Durga. Yashpal throws his phone and says no one will talk to Durga. Brij asks what’s the matter, tell us. Yashpal says I can’t tell it. Durga comes and stops him. She asks Annapurna to say. Annapurna says there is nothing. Durga says there is nothing such. Annapurna says your dad never lies, come and have food. Durga says I know Sanjay learnt dad’s secret, tell me what is it. Yashpal asks Durga does she not trust him, that she started asking.


Meri Durga 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Yashpal thinks of Durga’s words. He holds her hand. They go somewhere. Yashpal threatens to kill himself. He cuts his wrist. They all get shocked.

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