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Meri Durga 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

The Episode starts with Annapurna and Yashpal talking about Durga. She says slapping Durga was not right, we could not do our duties well, if we had put her in any good school, she would have picked up well by good teachers’ help, if we ask her to study all the time, how long can she pull. Yashpal says I m doing whatever I can, what else shall I do, I want to educate her so that she does not beg people for money and get helpless like me.

Its morning, Shilpa and Bantu tease Durga. Yashpal asks Sheela to take care of shopping and take money. Dadi asks Yashpal to think of Amrita also. He says Durga’s annual exam will not be always, if she gets good marks, she can get scholarship, she does not know its imp. He sees Durga and says one day she will understand.

Durga thinks was Yashpal right, maybe I m doing big mistake and hurting Amrita. Amrita says my marriage will not spoil Durga’s studies. Dadi asks Yashpal to go for shopping, I will see Durga. Amrita gives phone for Durga’s studies. They leave. Durga sees Hanuman’s pic and thinks why did Lord make me hear those men when they were not talking about my sister, I have to fond it, its imp, but how. She says everyone is gone. Dadi asks her to come fast. Durga goes to her. Dadi asks her not to go out from house, I will keep an eye on you, study by this phone, I will get food for you.

She gives food to Durga and says I can see everything well. She goes. Durga thinks what to do, Amrita can marry wrong guy, maybe if I get proof, Yashpal forgives me. She asks Dadi shall I shut door. Dadi says fine, just keep studying. Durga sees shadow on curtains. She thinks of an idea and keeps pillows, stick, window in her place. Chori do bilanki…..plays………… She keeps the model. She smiles seeing the moving fan shadow. She records her voice in phone. She plays the recording in loop. She goes.

She distracts Dadi and goes. She asks a guard about Rishi’s friend, who has hiccups she does not know name. He tells the name. She recalls and says yes, do you know him. Guard says I just heard name, he is not here, go now. He tells about the betel shop where she can find him. She runs.

Yashpal and everyone take selfies. They go to the mall for shopping. Durga reaches the betel shop and thinks if power goes at home, Dadi will know I came out of house, if Yashpal knows then… She prays to Hanuman. She talks innocently and asks him to show some way. Rishi’s friend comes there. Durga turns to see him.


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