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Meri Durga 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Durga Agrees To Give Up Dreams


Meri Durga 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 29th December 2017 Episode Start With Durga asking Yashpal the reason. He asks her to just listen to him. She refuses. He goes and gets a knife. They all get shocked. He threatens to cut his wrist. He asks Durga to think fast, will she do as he tells her, else he will end this chapter. They all ask him to stop. Durga says I want to know the matter, you are not caring for my dreams, tell me what is it. He cries and cuts his wrist. They all get shocked. Durga runs and gets the first aid box. She does his aid. She agrees to lie to the media that her sting operation was just her plan. She cries.

Aarti thinks of Durga and loses balance. Sanjay asks her did she not learn balancing till then. She says it doesn’t matter, you are there with me. He asks her to focus on practice. He leaves.

Rajveer asks Yashpal why is he forcing Durga to lie, she will be banned from all race tournaments, she won’t be able to run in any tournament. Durga says don’t say anything to dad, I think he is helpless, I can’t see his blood loss, I have ran for my happiness, but my motive was to get Yashpal’s lost respect back, but if dad wants me to prove myself a liar, I will do it, no one can ban me, I will quit running on my own. They all get shocked. She applies tilak by Yashpal’s blood. She says I will never step in grounds now. She leaves. Brij asks Yashpal to listen to him, Durga’s career will be ruined. Rajveer thinks what’s the matter.

Sanjay gets surprised seeing the flowers. Durga comes clapping and congratulates him. She scolds him for falling so low to achieve his motives. He says like you have snatched everything from my family, its your turn now, I told you…. He yells on her and smiles. She says I used to pity you, that you are not able to see truth, now I hate you, you are doing a big sin being stupid, Neelkant trapped me so that Aarti wins, the day you know the truth, it will be very late, remember. She goes. He thinks just accept your crimes. Gayatri asks how did Sanjay blackmail Durga.

Aarti says Sanjay was confident. Neelkant says great, we will be back in power. Aarti says yes, she will be out of his life. Sanjay comes and says thinks this is my gift for you, she will clear all the blames herself. Yashpal thinks of Durga’s words. He sees Durga coming. She forwards her hand. He holds her hand. She takes him and says your vow has tied your Durga. He worries seeing little Durga. She asks him to kill her, is the secret bigger than her life, happiness and dreams. He gets shocked. He wakes up and shouts Durga. The race announcement is made. Sanjay waits for Durga. He thinks why didn’t she come. He sees Durga coming.


Meri Durga 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks Yashpal about the secret, else she can’t run. Yashpal says if I don’t tell her, Sanjay will tell her. He shares the secret and cries hugging her.

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