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Meri Durga 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal saying I got gifts for relatives, we have to buy jewelry for Amrita. Durga comes and looks on. Yashpal avoids her. Durga says I like to study, I will focus on studies. I m a good girl. Annapurna asks her to have food. Durga asks did dad have food. Annapurna says no. Durga says then I will also not have food, even if I m much hungry. She takes food for him. He says I will do my work and goes. Annapurna thinks to do something to lessen their distance.

Sheela worries seeing Brij and asks what happened. He shows her Madhav’s pic. She gets shocked. He asks her about the pic. Sheela says I will get juice, we will sit and talk. He pushes her. Annapurna asks Durga to stop fighting. Durga says I want to fulfill dad’s dreams and see him happy. Annapurna says when you were born, your dad decided to give good education to his daughters, he did not differentiate between a girl and guy, he just learnt that one who studies becomes officer, else person struggles like him, I understand him, he is right, you tell me one thing, when Amrita can make her future by making painting, can’t you make your future by running, his dad dream broke, but you don’t have to compromise, parents worry for children’s good, that’s it, I can see your happiness, I want you to participate in the race.

Brij asks Sheela to say truth, else she will see his angry avatar. Sheela says its not my mistake. He slaps her. She apologizes to him. The photo falls and flies. She says I got the pic to show Amrita. He slaps her and says I don’t believe your lies. He drags her. Amrita picks and sees the photo. She gets shocked.

Annapurna says you can earn name by happiness and hidden talent, you have to make your dad realize this, I m with you. Brij apologizes to Amrita and says you got to know this way, I have proof against Madhav, I will not let him do wrong, he cheated us. Amrita says no, I don’t trust this pic, I want to hear this from Madhav. He says if he lies then… She says my heart will know that. Durga says I can’t do this. Annapurna says your dad wants to see your success, you have to show it to him. Durga says I just want to see him happy. Annapurna says you are innocent, I have spoken to Rajveer and Shri. Brij says fine, now we will ask Madhav his truth, someone will help us. He sees Sheela. She agrees.

Annapurna says I have seen everyone chanting your name, and your happiness. Durga says you went to Bhiwani. Annapurna says yes, I have seen you doing a big thing, I m with you, trust yourself. Durga says but how can I forget Yashpal’s efforts, I have to fulfill his dream, I don’t want any medal, I want to support him, I will convince him, I want my dad back. They cry.

Its morning, Yashpal looks for his slippers. Durga gets it and gives him. He looks for glasses. She helps him. She gets food for him. He sits eating. She asks won’t you forgive me, tell me. She gets sad.

Sheela asks Madhav what is he doing in this photo. Madhav gets shocked. Amrita and Brij hide and hear them. Sheela says I will not tell anything to anyone, tell me truth, what’s your relation with Dulaari. Madhav worries. Sheela says when everyone was not ready to get you here, I supported you, just tell me the truth, you came here with some motive right. Madhav says yes, you are right, I had come here to take revenge from this family for my mum and brother’s insult, Dulaari is my mum. Amrita and Brij get shocked. Madhav says Rishi is my brother. Amrita cries.


Meri Durga 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Panchayat Sarpanch asks Durga to win the race. Brij says I will tell truth to Yashpal. Durga says sorry, I will not run now.

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