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Meri Durga 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay saying Durga loves you a lot, don’t stop her dreams, I love her. Yashpal scolds Sanjay and asks him to leave. Aarti asks servants to make milkshake for her. She praises Gayatri and says Durga can’t run race now. Gayatri says focus on your race and win, I have cleared track for you, about Durga, poor people’s respect is like volcano. She gets a call and gets shocked. she thinks to not leave Durga. Sanjay is in hospital with Amrita. He feels much pain. Amrita helps him.

She asks nurse to get water for Sanjay. She says think this is last help, I told you not to get mad, you risked Durga’s life too. He asks why did you get me here. She says none would touch you in village clinic. She begs him to let everyone live in peace and not do anything.He says but you tell me, if Durga doesn’t run in race, can she live, this is her ladder’s first step, she wants to clean her family stain, you also know this, even then…. if she doesn’t run, she can’t reach nationals. She says no use to say all this, forget all this. He says if Durga runs in race without telling family then…. She looks at him.

Amrita comes to Durga and gives her food. Durga refuses to have food. Amrita asks her not to cry, its her race tomorrow, she has to run, even if dad likes it or not. Durga asks what are you saying, dad doesn’t want me to run, I don’t want to go against him, I have given him much sorrow. Gayatri says that family has to pay big price to hurt my son. Sanjay comes home and lies that he met with an accident. Aarti asks is Durga running in race or not. He asks her not to care for Durga, she will run in race. He promises to become Durga’s support. He goes. Gayatri thinks I will make you Durga’s weakness. Durga says I will not agree till dad agrees. Amrita says I also respect dad, just talk to Sanjay.

Durga talks to Sanjay. He asks are you fine. She says dad is much annoyed, he is not ready to agree. He pacifies her. He says once you win race, he will be proud of you, you are made to just win, you can’t lose, I will always be with you, you will find me there, I will cheer you. Someone comes to Sanjay. He says we will make our love strength, Amrita and I will help you running away. Durga says race is imp but I can’t go against dad, we have hurt him a lot. He says you have to wait for one year, its very long time, you have to get respect for your family, prove them that our love doesn’t affect your race. He ends call. Amrita says I will arrange everything, this race is very imp for us. Shilpa hears them and says now it will be fun Durga.

Yashpal sits sad. Annapurna comes to him and pacifies. She says Durga is our daughter, you always supported her, don’t stop her now, she has reached close to her destination, Brij did right with Sanjay, he deserves that, but his words were not wrong. She asks him to allow Durga. Shilpa comes and tells them that Durga is going to run in race by Amrita’s help. She taunts their upbringing. She goes. Annapurna calms him. He says it will be their test, if Durga goes out, my relation with her will end. Amrita tells her plan to Sanjay. She asks him to pray to Lord. He says I have to reach there first, I m her strength. Gayatri hears him. Durga practices for race and recalls Yashpal and Sanjay’s words.

Meri Durga 30th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga asks Yashpal to allow her to run. He asks her to go and prove love is not a barrier for her. She agrees.

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