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Meri Durga 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 2nd April 2017 watch online on

The Episode starts with Durga running to jump over wall and enter school. Prince drops the milk for the snake. The boys gets shocked. Durga runs and stops at the fence. She talks to Hanuman. She says I m very hungry, I m running since morning. She jumps inside the fence and enters the school. She sees the milk kept in bowl. She says milk, how did this come. She thanks Hanuman for sending milk for her. She drinks the milk. She runs.

Madhav goes to Amrita. She teaches drawing to someone. She gets tensed and turns. The colors fall on his shirt. She gets shocked. Shilpa says I have no new clothes. Sheela says don’t worry, when your Bua comes, we will go with her and get new fashion clothes, be happy now. Shilpa says girls are going mad after Madhav. Madhav scolds Amrita and says we respect work here, try to control your hands. He asks her to listen carefully, you have to make such painting that will showcase Haryana’s work, that can make Haryana famous, do you know it, Panipat’s war. She says but its war. He says listen to me first, I want all detailed info, am I clear. She nods.

He says I don’t like any mistake in work, sorry I forgot you are illiterate, if you want my help, you can ask me, good luck. She thanks him. She says I don’t need your help, I m not educated, but Lord gave me mind, I will do something. He says I like your confidence, show this in your work, we will meet tomorrow. He goes.

Sheela asks Shilpa to talk well then good will happen, I will do something, I will go and ring temple bell for your work. Postman gives a letter. Shilpa receives it. Shilpa says its electricity bill, its 6800rs. Sheela asks how can this happen. Shilpa says there was much lights for Amrita’s marriage, power will get cut if bill is unpaid. Sheela smiles. Shilpa says you have to pay this. Sheela says its a way to make you meet Madhav.

Yashpal wishes Durga studies well. Annapurna says this time she will not let you down. Sheela comes and argues with him about electricity bill. Durga looks for class and asks a girl. She thanks her and runs. Sheela tells about the expenses. She asks Yashpal to pay bill. She says I told about giving room on rent, no one listens to me, is this right to put all burden on Brij.

A girl asks teacher can she go and have water. Teacher refuses and asks her to talk in english. The girl asks in english. Teacher allows her. Sheela asks what’s bad in giving room on rent. Dadi says I objected before, I think Sheela is right, we can keep a tenant, I will keep an eye. Sheela says its just three days to pay bill. Yashpal says I will arrange money, if I fail, you can do anything. Sheela thinks how will Yashpal get money.

Durga asks can I come in and enters class. Students laugh. Aarti signs Prince about Durga. Durga tells she got late and guard has shut the gate, I requested but he did not allow me, I jumped over wall and come. Teacher asks what, first of all you have to introduce yourself to the whole class in english. Prince tells her to say about herself in English. Durga thinks of her friends. She tries and says my name is Durga Choudhari, I m a good girl and I will study very harder. Teacher says very good, this was nice, it was good for a start, please go and have your seat. Aarti makes her stumble. Durga looks for seat. Aarti writes note for Prince and passes.

Prince reads she is that girl. Durga sits. Sanjay Prince replies to Aarti that he will show her.


Meri Durga 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanjay says we will keep race between you and Aarti. He says Aarti is school champion. Aarti and Durga run.