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Meri Durga 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay trying to flash light on Durga. Rajveer asks Durga to focus and run faster. Satnaam asks Kuljit to run fast. Kuljit wins the race. Satnaam gets happy. Rajveer claps for Durga, who came second. The man wishes all the best to the top contestants for final race. Rajveeer praises Durga and takes her. Satnaam asks Kuljit what was her performance, she disappointed him. She asks him to listen.

Amrita needs Madhav’s note. He asks her to forget past and give a chance to life, she is innocent and sensible, she should start her life. He writes I love you, I promise to be with you, forgive me if you felt anything bad. She turns and sees Madhav. Durga says I lost to Kuljit, why are you happy. Kuljit says I won the race, why are you not happy. Rajveer says you won over yourself. Satnaam says you won over Durga, not lost to yourself. Rajveer says you broke your own records. Satnaam says your records got less.

Rajveer says none can stop you from making Kuljit lose. Durga says I will win if you support me. Satnaam says you have to give best performance next time. Rajveer says your dreams will be fulfilled, who is winning finals. Durga says Durga. Kuljit says I did everything but…. Satnaam asks what was the result, you have to win this race at any cost. She gets sad. Durga smiles.

Durga comes home and asks Yashpal how is he. He says I m fine, you have grown up, principal called me. He shows his uniform. He says he told me what you did, will you take so much care of me. He says you are my lovely dad, I m your Durga, how can I make you lose job, sorry to hide this. He blesses her. She hugs him.

She thinks to win race and tell him about grace marks. Amrita reads Madhav’s letter again and smiles. She hides letter in a book and sees Durga. Durga asks why are you worried, is Madhav troubling. Yashpal calls Durga to come fast. Durga takes her book and goes. Amrita gets worried and says Durga took the book which had letter.

Rajveer sees Kuljit’s practice. He says she will fall sick this way, rest is also imp, you are coach, you should know. Kuljit says I m fine, I have to complete my target. Satnaam calls him out and asks what are you teaching her, she is practicing. Rajveer says this is torture, you know rest is imp, its necessary to recover wear and tear, will you spoil her future. Satnaam says you mean you have more knowledge than me, why is your student losing to my daughter, you can’t teach me, you lost to me, today my daughter is making your student lose, my daughter will win final, you were loser and will always be loser, losers don’t have right to dream. Rajveer says Durga will win finals. Satnaam says no, Kuljit will win finals.

Amrita goes to get book. Yashpal talks to Durga. Durga takes book and letter falls. Durga says my friend and I practice handwriting together. Durga reads letter and thinks Madhav is troubling Amrita, I have to tell dad. Amrita signs her not to say. Yashpal asks her to sit. He asks her to study sometimes. He goes. Amrita says Durga… Durga says I know, I read the letter, why did you not say, how can anyone trouble you, see what I do now, I will teach him a lesson. Amrita says Madhav is gone now.

Durga sees Madhav counting money and thinks to punish him for troubling Amrita. He smiles hearing her. She says I came to get friendly as you stay here, dad says we should start friendly with sweets. He sees sweets and takes a bowl. She thinks he took wrong bowl. He asks do you really want to get friendly. He sees her face. Amrita looks on. Durga says I did not do anything, fine change the bowl and eat. Madhav eats the sweets. Amrita signs him to stop. Durga smiles. Durga says you will remember this friendship, as we started with sweets. She thinks now it will be fun and goes. She thinks jamalgota will do its work now.


Meri Durga 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajveer asks Durga to match her speed with his bike speed. Amrita apologizes. Madhav asks her to give him a chance. Kuljit asks Durga to lose in final race if she wants to help her. Durga gets shocked.