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Meri Durga 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga receiving award. Rajveer congratulates her. Sanjay goes to apologize. Durga goes with Shri. Sheela tells Shilpa and Bantu about Amrita finding truth from Billu. They get worried. Sheela says police will make Billu speak up, he is a coward. Dadi asks who. Bantu makes story. Dadi asks him to come out, Amrita got to know something new. They get worried.

Subhadra is angry on Durga. Her husband asks for whom are you waiting, there is a small party tomorrow, my promotion depends on it, talk in good english. She agrees. Durga comes home. Subhadra scolds her for going home without telling her. She says this is my house, not a hotel. Shri comes and asks what happened. Subhadra asks how did you come early. Uncle says I told her to come early, kids will become machine. Durga gets hurt. Subhadra says I would have taken Durga to meet Yashpal, how did she go, answer me. Durga goes to room.

Amrita tells everyone about Billu being paid by someone to tease them. Everyone gets shocked. Annapurna asks who did this, tell me. Yashpal asks her to tell name, I will not leave him. Amrita says I don’t know the name. Sheela gets relieved and thinks she would have insulted me, but why did she hide this. Amrita recalls Madhav explaining her that Yashpal will hate Sheela, Brij will get stuck, Sheela did wrong, but think of forgiving her, so that your family does not break, I want you not to tell anything to Yashpal, if you find me wrong, do anything.

Yashpal says who dared to do this. Dadi says calm down. He says I m with Amrita, I will find that person. Amrita sees Madhav and smiles. Shri does aid to Durga’s feet and makes her smile. Uncle says I did not see such rude person in my love. Subhadra says I think Durga did magic on you. He says no, she is little girl, I was wrong to support you in wrong things, you are torturing Durga. Shri says I will get food for you. Durga says I m not hungry. Subhadra says I will feed Durga, don’t get annoyed. He says I know you are understanding, she is a kid, behave like a kid with her. He goes. She gets a call. A lady asks her for help in party. Subhadra thinks Durga you are making my family against, I will see you.

Shri asks how did you get hurt. Durga says Sanjay and Aarti wanted to stop me from running in race. Shri says maybe Aarti made him do this, Sanjay’s dad is rich man, don’t fight with him. Sanjay is good at heart, but he regards Aarti as friend, he can do anything for friends, beware of Aarti, Sanjay may have done this by mistake. Durga recalls Sanjay. She says he came to say sorry, I did not talk to him, I think he felt bad seeing me hurt. Subhadra sees Durga sleeping. She wakes up Durga and asks her to have food. Durga says I don’t want food. Subhadra acts sweet and praises Durga.

She apologizes to Durga. Durga says don’t cry. Subhadra asks her to please have food. Durga hugs her. Subhadra thinks see what happens tomorrow. Amrita gets food for Madhav and looks for him. He comes. She says I got breakfast for you, thanks for yesterday, and sorry. He says thanks and sorry are not used in friendship. She gives him the idol. She says I got this Ganesh ji for you, I bought gifts for family by first salary. He says you got angry on me and did not give, fine, you are giving me, its good I became your friend. She says I will leave for office. She goes. He smiles.

Yashpal gets work in Bhiwani and thanks Lord, thinking he can meet Durga. Teacher asks him to take file, it was kid’s names who will participate in kabaddi. Yashpal says sports should not be part of school, it spoils studies. Everyone congratulate Durga. She thanks them. Yashpal says sports don’t give identity. Teacher says sports have different importance, you think so. Yashpal says I don’t let Durga waste time in sports.


Meri Durga 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga talks to Sanjay. Aarti looks on. Someone throws milk on Sanjay. Amrita shares tiffin with Madhav.

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