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Meri Durga 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay asking Durga what will go wrong if he doesn’t meet her. She says you are my friend, that’s why. He asks for everyone. She says no, but you are my childhood friend. He says fine, tell me why do you get hurt if you don’t see me. He hits the pole and asks why do you try to find me in crowd, why. She stops him and holds his hand, saying you will get hurt. He asks why are you hurt, tell me. She says because I care for you, I…. She turns away. Goon cuts a current wire to fix at shagun plate. Sanjay asks Durga to complete her sentence, don’t you have to say anything, its fine, I came to make you realize your love, if you don’t want to show your love, go, if you don’t have love for me.

She stumbles and holds him. The light bulbs wire falls on them. They have any eyelock. Rajveer talks to guests. Goon looks at him. Sanjay removes the wires. Durga goes. Sanjay looks at her. She stops and runs to him. She hugs him. He smiles. She slaps him. He asks why did you slap me. She says you are a liar, you said you won’t me go again, why did you let me go now. He smiles and says I promise I will never leave you, I will always love you, but you didn’t say what I want to hear.

She says I m different, I believe in doing, not saying, so I didn’t say and made you realize my feeling. He says fine, I m SP and I am also different, I did love, not any theft, I will shout and tell you how much I love you. She says I love you SP. He looks at her and smiles. He asks what did you say. She says I love you Sanjay Prince. He says say again. She says I just said it. She turns shy. He hugs her. Goon switches on the current and hides the wires inside the table cover.

Aarti comes to Gayatri. Gayatri asks how are you. Aarti tells what Sanjay said. Gayatri says its good, I can take your marriage talk ahead. Aarti gets SP’s message and says he called me to meet, I will leave, thanks, always bless me, so that I can win national championship. Shilpa takes pictures with everyone. Durga and Sanjay see each other and smile. He signs her to come. Goon acts and asks Rajveer to pass shagun plate to him. Rajveer goes to get the plate. Sanjay and Durga talk. Durga says I have to meet someone else. Sanjay asks who. She says Rana Sir. Rajveer is about to hold the plate.


Meri Durga 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gayatri argues with Neelkant. Sanjay tells Aarti about proposing Durga. Aarti gets shocked.

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