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Meri Durga 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti coming to Durga and saying there is much time for race competition, why don’t we have a dance competition. Durga agrees saying its called sportsman spirit. Aarti says whatever, who falls first will lose. Aarti and Durga start dancing. Everyone looks on. Durga falls down. Aarti continues dancing. She wins. Durga thinks I will fail you in this race. Aarti says its your second failure, this dance competition and SP, after what happened yesterday. Durga recalls the moment. Aarti says you will never get SP. She thinks SP is just mine, he agreed that I m his GF. Durga thinks to talk to SP, as she can’t lose his friendship. Aarti says SP will not even see your face now. Sanjay is in canteen and recalls Durga. Durga comes there.

Sanjay sees her and hides. Durga thinks where did he go. He thinks I can see how you are worrying without seeing me, this happens in love. Durga calls Sanjay. He does not answer and smiles. She thinks what to do, he is not answering. He thinks I have a way to make you realize. She thinks let him go anywhere. She hears the bike sound and turns. She runs out to see him. He hides and smiles, thinking your eyes want to see me, I love it. He gets a call from Gayatri and says yes I will come. Durga goes. Sanjay leaves.

Gayatri and manager visit the temple and talk to inspector. She says I thought to give you a chance to repay my favors. He asks her to say what he can do. She tells him something. She asks him to call Yashpal’s home. Sheela is on call and asks Bantu and Shilpa to hurry up. Brij asks what happened, who called you. She says Bantu’s good fate called and goes. Brij asks Annapurna does she know. Yashpal says Sheela keeps much suspense, you go and ask her.

Durga is on the way. Sanjay sees her. She runs after him. He ignores her and smiles. Gayatri does the aarti. Sanjay come there. She asks Sanjay to tell everything about their country to foreigners. Sanjay talks to the girl and goes. She tells indians don’t like to work hard, they just sleep on road and beg all day. Sanjay stops and says there are many hardworking people here, your country people came to loot us, your hindi is really good. She says I work hard if I have to go anywhere. He says impressive, what’s your hobbies. She says I have just one passion, guess it. He says singing, let me guess. She says I m a running champion and won many medals too. He says I know my country’s fast runner, her name is Durga. Durga comes there.

She prays for Rajveer and her training. She tells about Sanjay’s strange behavior. She prays to meet Sanjay again. Sanjay gets the girl there and says Durga is our country’s unofficial champion, very soon she will become official champion. He tells more about Durga. He says I m sure she will win in national championship, we are not talking now, but I know we will besties again, best friends. Durga says SP and goes to him. She sees someone else. The man stops Durga from going ahead and says everyone is standing here, VIP darshan is going on. Durga says you were in hospital, everyone is equal in temple, its fine, I should keep patience. She goes. Pandit gives the prasad. Sanjay says I will leave now. He goes. Durga sees Sanjay and smiles. He thinks Durga here…..He hides and thinks Durga and I will meet after she gets restless.


Meri Durga 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guards stop Durga. She says I have to meet SP. Sanjay sees her and gets shocked. Gayatri asks goon to kill Rana.

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