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Meri Durga 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 30th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Rajveer training the kids. Seniors comes to him. Senior say we kept you as sports teacher, we can’t spend much on you, we have an athlete in school, she gets some medal for us, why are you after that girl. Rajveer says exactly my point, I read we have to think big to reach big thing, I can see that in this girl which you all can’t see, this girl will take us to national level, take my word for it, trust me, it will be school’s name. Senior says she is missing, w can’t run after her, you have less attendance, we will fire your assistant, boys team is going to play kabaddi, manage them, or resign from this school, go and find that girl. Rajveer says I will meet principal and goes.

He says I will find that girl once. Durga drinks water. He passes by her. She hears the kids counting and walks behind him. He meets a teacher. She walks past him. She sees a girl Aarti. She walks and steps on skateboard. She disturbs Aarti. Aarti gets angry and asks why did you spoil my game. Durga says I stepped on this board and this happened. Aarti insults her.

Durga says I came here to study. Aarti asks her to leave and laughs. Durga argues. Aarti warns her to leave right away. Durga goes. Aarti asks where is prince and calls him out. Prince makes a man dance and laughs. The man says leave it, let me go. Prince says keep dancing, I will take revenge, you made snakes dance, now Naagdevta see I made him dance. The man runs away. Aarti comes there and says such pity for snake, will you not fight for me. He says chill, what happened. She complains about Durga. He gets angry and says I will see her, come show who is it.

Sheela and Shilpa come to see Madhav. Shilpa sees him and smiles. Suraj hua madham….plays……..Sheela stops him to talk. She says we invited you to come home, Yashpal is not bad hearted, he is peon in govt school, he plays gambling and buys lottery, if he loses, he gets angry on others, but he does his duty even if he has to beg or steal, you don’t misunderstand, he was frustrated that day, my husband does a lot for family, we thought to give room on rent to get help. Shilpa says don’t mind Yashpal’s words, I m yours, come my home, you won’t miss your family. He says I found place to stay. He leaves. She gets shocked.

Subhadra asks Durga to focus on studies, remember the route, you have to go by walk. Durga says I will run and go. Subhadra says you will fly. Amma asks where did you take her, give me some food, who will wash curtains. Subhadra thinks she will open mouth now. Amma asks Durga to clean floor. Subhadra asks Durga to talk to Yashpal, go upstairs. She calls Yashpal and says Durga was missing you. She asks Durga to come to have food after talking. Durga takes phone and goes.

Subhadra says you are hurt, its good you scolded Durga, I will see work, you go and have bath by cold water. Amma says you just make words and goes. Durga talks to Yashpal and says Subhadra took me to Shrijata’s school, its very big. He says I caught you, you have stolen my love, you ran for me, I got the glasses, your friends got that to me. She says they made me wait a lot. He says I can see everything well now, I m illiterate and could not read your heart, you don’t be illiterate, you have to study hard, not run. Durga says I will work hard. Subhadra asks her to have food and talk later. Yashpal says have food, study well, take care Durga. She ends call.

Meri Durga 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav says I know your truth, you are a thief. Amrita slaps him. Subhadra gets angry on Durga. Shri comes home and sees this.

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