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Meri Durga 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update

Durga Changes The Reports


Meri Durga 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 31st January 2018 Episode Start With  Amrita finding tickets. Brij asks her to keep ID with ticket, she has to catch train soon. She says I lost tickets. He asks how can she lose tickets. She says its not there. He scolds her for losing tickets. Madhav tears the tickets and says you can’t take Umang anywhere, he will just go with me. Sanjay comes to the academy. He sees guards. He sees a window and gets a ladder. He climbs inside the academy. Durga comes there in guard’s disguise. She looks for file. Sanjay thinks before anyone sees me, I have to reach truth fast.

Everyone dines. Yashpal asks are you fine, tell me if you have eye pain, you can consult a doctor. Madhav says no, I will be fine. Umang says I won’t have this. Amrita scolds him and asks him to eat. Brij says feed him with love, don’t scold him. Madhav says kids rebel if you scold, he can agree with love, I will feed him. He feeds Umang while saying a story. Amrita says don’t know how Umang listens to him. Sheela says he is getting irritated as he misses his dad. Amrita says how shall I fill this space when he has no dad. Madhav says we will buy toys and chocolates, go and have food.

Madhav thinks I will take Umang with me very soon. Durga hurries as Sanjay can come anytime. Sanjay enters the record room. She hides. She gets the file and checks it. She keeps the file back and hides. Sanjay gets the file. He leaves. He sees Durga and hides the file, thinking she is a guard. She gets tensed and turns away. She thinks he will identify my voice. He thinks guard won’t let me get any info related to mum. Kaka calls Durga out. She goes. Sanjay leaves. He gets down the ladder. Gayatri asks Gagan where is Sanjay. He says I don’t know. She turns and sees Durga. Sanjay checks Jassi’s file. He reads Jassi was banned because of her unethical behavior.

Durga thinks I have changed the real reports, Sanjay will never know Gayatri’s past. She signs Gayatri and goes with her. Sanjay thinks of sting operation and Durga’s words. He thinks Gayatri can do wrong with Durga, she just lied to me. He gets angry. Umang asks Yashpal to play hide and seek. Yashpal asks him to hide. He counts down. Umang comes to Madhav’s room and hides. Madhav comes and removes the fake beard and turban. Yashpal comes. Madhav wears the beard and turban again. Umang looks on. Yashpal says I m finding Umang, maybe he came here. Madhav says he didn’t come here. Umang comes out. Yashpal laughs and says caught you, I couldn’t find you. Umang sees Madhav. Madhav thinks Umang has seen my truth, if my secret comes out, my plan to take Umang will fail, what to do. Yashpal asks are you fine. Madhav says yes, I will just do some work and come. Yashpal leaves with Umang.


Meri Durga 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay scolds Gayatri for her lies. He asks Durga how did she not keep honesty, why did she cheat him. He stabs himself. They get shocked.

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