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Meri Durga 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 31st March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Yashpal coming to electronics shop. He sees another man buying the things at full rates. He asks the shop man why did you cut my money, you are lying, you return my money, its theft. The shop man says fine, what will you do, I will not give money. Yashpal says I got cheated, my daughter’s marriage did not happen, I took loan, don’t trouble me. The man asks him to go. Yashpal thinks its my hard earned money and takes it from man’s hand. He runs. The man shouts thief, catch him.

Madhav sees the men shouting thief and sees Yashpal. He stops Yashpal. Yashpal says leave me, I m not thief. The man asks Yashpal to give money. Yashpal says its my money. Madhav says you have stolen money. Yashpal says this man has fooled me. Madhav says I know your truth, you are thief. Amrita slaps Madhav. She says education gives manners and senses, it does not snatch these. The man asks for his money. Yashpal says you fooled me, its my money. Amrita says let it be, these people look more poor, think you gave them charity, we will earn by more hardwork, give them money. Yashpal gives money. She asks Madhav not to blame anyone without knowing truth. Madhav says none raises hand without knowing truth, I m leaving you as you are a girl, else you would remember the answer of this slap. He goes.

Amma comes from bath. She gets bitten by ants. She calls Subhadra and Durga. Subhadra ignores. Durga asks Subhadra to come fast, Amma is shouting. Subhadra asks what happened. They go to Amma and ask what happened. Subhadra says Amma iss doing break dance. Amma says I m not doing dance, ants are biting me. Subhadra asks Durga to clean the bed. Durga says there are no ants. Subhadra asks Amma to have bath by cold water again. Amma goes. Subhadra says Amma got old, you don’t need to think of her words, wash hands and go to study. He thinks of adding itching powder in water. She says now Durga will be sure that you are mad, she won’t know that I got her here to make her maid, I have to do new acting now to make her work.

Amrita comes to workplace. Madhav talks to everyone and waits for Amrita. She says I m Amrita. They see each other and get shocked. Durga sees the books and smiles. She hears Subhadra shouting. Subhadra shouts what happened to my waist, how will I do work now. She says I fell down, I do all work, who will wash clothes now. Durga asks shall I wash. Subhadra says no, you did not come here to wash, you came to study, go, I will wash clothes. Durga goes. Subhadra calls her and acts. She asks her to wash clothes. Durga says I did not wash clothes before, but you teach me. Subhadra says yes, Yashpal will be glad that you learnt all work. Durga drops bucket. Subhadra shouts that carpet got bad. Shri comes home and asks Durga are you washing clothes. Subhadra says no, I slipped and fell, Durga could not see my pain and said she will wash clothes, she went on Amrita, bucket fell down, I will not scold her. She asks Durga to go. Shri asks will maid not come now. Amma comes and says why will maid come, new maid is standing here. Durga gets shocked.

Subhadra says she is Durga. Amma says don’t shout, I not deaf. Subhadra asks her to go and rest. Shri asks Subhadra to rest, I will help Durga. Durga says yes, Shri and I will wash clothes and talk, it will be fun. Shri helps her.

Madhav stops Amrita. He says everyone praised your work, did you get samples. Amrita says no, I don’t have to work here. He says I think you did not understand, I keep personal life away from work, you also do the work, these doors will always be open for you. She goes. He calls her illiterate.

Yashpal gets restless. Annapurna asks who is going to come. Amrita comes home. He recalls her words and says miracle happened, you spoke for me with courage, I felt proud, your fear got away. Annapurna says tell me also. He asks her to sleep with peace, Amrita won over her fears. Amrita smiles. He praises both daughters. She thinks of Madhav’s words.


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