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Meri Durga 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 3rd April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Durga saying how will I understand Maths in english. Sanjay, Aarti and everyone come there. Sanjay calls her out and asks her to come. Durga goes to them. Sanjay says my name is Sanjay Prince, my friends call me Prince, you are Durga right, this is my best friend Aarti, you met her, she lost competition in her life for first time because of you, say sorry. Durga asks why. He says you pushed her and called her dog. Durga recalls and says I did not push her intentionally, i did not call her dog. He says you pushed by mistake, oh, fine don’t say sorry, now Aarti will push you by mistake in Prince’s style, we will keep race between you and Aarti, she will push you if she catches you, do you agree.

He says Aarti, it will be simple race for you, you are 800m champion. He shows the white flag on terrace and says that’s your target. Durga thinks when Aarti could not catch me, how will she push me. Rajveer is with some coach. Coach says its good, you joined kabaddi team again, I don’t think that girl will come back.

Durga and Aarti’s race begins. Rajveer says her fate will find the destination, her race to aim started. Durga and Aarti run. Rajveer says there can’t be anyone like her in entire district. Durga leads the race. Everyone run after the girls to see. Durga thinks its about the village respect now, I have to show who is best. The students cheer for Aarti.

Rajveer says its last hope and last try to find Durga, if I don’t get her, I will stop finding her. Durga and Aarti run upstairs. Rajveer leaves and collides with Durga. He sees Durga and gets shocked. He follows Durga. He says Durga here in our school uniform. Durga falls down by slipping by watery floor. She gets up and runs. Aarti could not catch her. Rajveer runs to see Durga. He smiles and says Durga in our school.

Durga runs ahead of Aarti. Sanjay and everyone cheer for Aarti. Rajveer sees the race happening. He smiles seeing Durga and says now you can’t do this Aarti. Aarti and Durga run. A boy falls on the cake and looks at the race happening. Aarti tries catching Durga. The girls try to stop Durga. She jumps over and runs. Rajveer runs out in the open to see who wins the race.

Aarti catches Durga by her hair. Durga still runs. Principal sees them and says get both of these girls to be cabin. Durga jumps over the table and runs. Durga reaches the white flag first and wins the race. Aarti gets shocked. Sanjay and everyone get shocked seeing Durga winning the race. Rajveer looks on and smiles. Everyone cheer for Durga calling her champion.

Sanjay thinks this illiterate girl is not less than any rocket. Rajveer says well done Durga and smiles. Sanjay says she is very fast, she should be in my gang. Durga looks at everyone and smiles. Aarti gets angry. Rajveer goes to Swati to know new admissions of the month. He sees Durga’s admission papers and smiles. He says so Durga Choudhary has come, thanks for joining. Durga. Aarti and Sanjay get punished by principal. Sanjay asks Durga why did she take his name, I was thinking to take you in my gang, see what I do now. Durga says I m not scared of anyone. Rajveer looks on and smiles.

Rajveer goes to meet Durga. She recalls meeting Rajveer before. She turns her face away seeing him. They all greet Rajveer. He asks why this punishment. Sanjay tells about race. Rajveer asks who started this race, I hate indiscipline, Aarti I need an answer. Aarti says we were going for school, Durga got to know I m top athlete, she challenged me by calling city kids zero, she asked me to race, she insulted my friends, so I accepted challenge. Durga says Aarti is lying, I did not say such. Aarti says she said every dog has its day. Durga says I did not say this. Sanjay asks Aarti to say in hindi. Aarti tells it in hindi. Durga says yes, I said that. Rajveer asks when did your admission happen. Durga says yes. Rajveer says you started this today. She says yes, I mean. He says come with me, just Durga.


Meri Durga 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amrita talks to Durga about Panipat war. Durga says why would Yashpal send me if I knew this. Amrita thinks what to do. Rajveer says you are best in running, you participate in race, shall I give your name.

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