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Meri Durga 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav getting troubled and running to washroom. Amrita asks him is he fine. She cares for him and apologizes on Durga’s behalf. She says Durga read your letter, so she did this, sorry. He says if you worry for me, why are you afraid to support me always, give me a chance, I will not break your trust. He runs to bathroom. Its morning, Rajveer trains Durga. He does not let her sit on bike. He says your training did your end, you have to lose weight, your speed will get high, you have to match my bike speed. She runs after his bike. He asks her to run faster, its not any joke. Durga gets tired. He asks her to run with Cheetah speed. She runs. He says I will meet you in school, your class should not get missed, you will rest after every round. He goes.

Durga sees Satnaam scolding Kuljit. He says if you sit tired, I will leave dogs after you again, you could not break your marriage, will you final this way, you got lazy. Kuljit says my legs are aching. He says even I have ache, I did not lose, how can you lose, I became national champion by working hard. Kuljit says I don’t want to become champion. He asks what, you have to become champion, you are my daughter, if you lose to Durga, I will send you to boarding school, I will not let you meet family. Kuljit says no, I will run fast, don’t send me to boarding, I promise I will win over Durga. He says you have to run very fast with passion. Durga looks on. Satnaam goes. Kuljit cries. Durga holds her.

Amrita comes to room. Madhav stops her from seeing Dulaari’s pic. Amrita asks him to have curd and take rest. Madhav asks her is her answer still no. She goes.

Kuljit asks Durga to let her practice. She falls down. Durga makes her sit and does aid. She says I will help you. Kuljit asks do you really want to help me. Durga says yes, you work hard, tell me what to do. Kuljit says lose in final race. Durga gets shocked. Kuljit says tell me will you help me. Durga thinks of Kuljit’s words, while teacher takes the class. Teacher asks Durga to focus. Teacher says we should help others first. Durga says it means, I should think of Kuljit’s problem, what about Yashpal’s dreams.

Shilpa tells Sheela that Madhav is unwell. Brij asks her not to go anywhere. Madhav comes and greets everyone. Brij asks what happened to you. Madhav talks to Amrita indirectly. Brij asks him to catch client’s weakness, likes and dislikes, then keep your offer, client will agree. Madhav says great, its good advice, I will not leave my client, I hope client agrees, I will leave now.

Amrita says I can’t come to workshop today, I have to take dad to hospital. Madhav says fine and goes. Madhav messages her, that he has to talk to her. She replies I don’t want to talk to you. Annapurna looks on.

Durga runs after Rajveer’s bike. She stops. He asks what happened. She tells him about Satnaam scolding Kuljit badly. He says what can we do in this, think of your focus and goals, Kuljit’s training is good, its not easy to make her lose, come for practice. She thinks of Kuljit. She says if I win, Kuljit’s dad will send her from her family, I can get grace marks by studying well, what about Kuljit, I m thinking shall I take my name back from race. He gets shocked.


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