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Meri Durga 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone calling Aarti a loser. Durga stops Sanjay and asks him to talk to her. Aarti gets angry and goes. Sanjay goes to Durga. Aarti and everyone look on. Sanjay asks what happened. The kids bet on them. Durga says I …. The painter drops the paint down. It falls over Sanjay. They all get shocked.

The kids laugh. Sanjay says you called me here to do all this. Durga says no, I did not do this, maybe someone else did this, it fell on you by mistake, I called you here to get friendly, I will clean you. He says leave it. Aarti gets dirty mud and throws on Durga. She smiles. Sanjay says you are a liar Durga, its good Aarti did the same with you, you will always me illiterate.

Sheela worries seeing Amrita. She says I don’t know Billu. Amrita says I did not take Billu’s name, but your earring was left outside his house. Shilpa looks on. Sheela says I did this for house betterment, Yashpal has no earnings now, we have to meet expenses, Yashpal always threatens to make Madhav out of home, I thought if he saves you, he will earn respect in house, then he won’t be out of house. Amrita asks you risked my and Shilpa’s respect to get rent, I got angry and thought to tell dad, but someone explained me not to tell him, as it will spoil relations, I did this to maintain peace, I hope you also do this. She warns Sheela. She goes. Sheela asks Shilpa to win Madhav soon. Shilpa asks how will I impress Madhav.

Rajveer scolds Durga and Sanjay. They fight. Rajveer says stop it, else I will complain to principal, I m helping for the last time now, go home and change. Sanjay goes. Rajveer asks where are you going, make legs fine, we have to start training soon, did you hear about Mahabharat, Arjun just saw fish’s eye, he just saw his motives.

Rajveer asks her to focus well and win race, then she will get 5 marks. She nods. Amrita comes to workshop. She goes to Madhav. Durga comes home and sees Subhadra. She prays she gets saved from Subhadra. Subhadra talks to her friend and says I will solve your problem. Durga silently steps inside home. Amma asks what happened. Durga says save me from Bua first, I will tell everything. Amma hides Durga. Subhadra comes to Amma and asks what is she doing. Amma says I had some work. Subhadra screams saying rat and gets shocked seeing Durga. Durga apologizes to her. Subhadra takes her. Madhav refuses to have food. Amrita says you don’t like canteen food, but you can have mum’s handmade food. Madhav says I did not mean that. She asks him to have food from her tiffin, she will eat food from canteen. He says canteen food won’t be good, share tiffin with me. She says no, I will have canteen food. He says I m the boss here, sit. They share food. She smiles.

Durga apologizes to Subhadra. Subhadra asks what happened, I m your Bua, not enemy, if you don’t play out, will I play, I was saying there is big party in your uncle’s boss’ house, get ready and come. Durga says no, I won’t come, Shri is not coming, I don’t know anyone. Subhadra says you did not forgive me till now, so you are saying this. Yashpal says Subhadra is taking care of Durga well, I m going Bhiwani, I will meet Durga. Annapurna says Amrita got this gift for Subhadra. He says Subhadra will get happy seeing this. Subhadra acts sweet and begs Durga to come with her. She says I got a new dress for you. Durga asks really, for me. Subhadra says yes, wear this and come. Durga goes. Subhadra smiles and thinks when Durga works as servant today, her cleverness will go. Yashpal says I will first give this file to Chopra and then visit Subhadra.


Meri Durga 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav holds Shilpa. He sees Amrita watching him. Durga works as servant. Yashpal comes there and gets shocked seeing a lady scolding Durga.

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