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Meri Durga 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga waiting for the district race beginning. Sanjay is on the way. Gayatri sees him and stops the car. He says I have to reach stadium fast. She asks him to sit in car, they will reach soon. Durga prepares for the race and sees Aarti. She takes soil and applies to her forehead. She recalls Yashpal’s words. Sanjay reaches there and runs. He falls down and gets hurt. He drops the bracelet and picks it. He runs inside the stadium. The race begins.

Durga runs faster. Gayatri sees her on video. Amrita claps for Durga. Sanjay cheers for Durga. Durga sees Sanjay and gets shocked. She stops and thinks how did he get hurt. He asks her to run. She runs again. Her speed gets low. Aarti gets ahead. Durga comes on third number. Aarti wins the race.

Gayatri thinks Durga’s career and love ended. Sanjay, Amrita and Yashpal get shocked. Durga sits sad and cries. Yashpal comes and thinks I wish Durga heard me before, she would have not faced this. He goes. She stops him. He says I will just ask one thing, how did you lose. She says SP… He says SP… atleast you said the truth…. He goes. She thinks of Sanjay. Gayatri thanks Lord and is happy that Durga failed.

Sanjay comes to Durga. She says I lost, everything got ruined. He says no, nothing got finished. She says nothing can change now, this race won’t come back, I saw you and got distracted. Neelkant comes to congratulate Gayatri. She taunts him for his immature ways to handle a small matter. He praises her for cleverly using her son. She says no, I didn’t use my son, I have just used Durga’s weak emotions, Durga lost the race. Durga says I was winning and then I lost, I have lost a big battle, everything got over, just because I lost focus, I love you a lot, I always thought you and our love are my strength, I was wrong, its proved today, you are my weakness, dad was right, its big mistake. They cry.

Neelkant says I m afraid Sanjay loves Durga a lot, he may get more close to her. Gayatri sounds confident as she knows Durga loves her game, her love for Sanjay will end. Durga says its not your mistake, its my mistake, I started loving you a lot, I forgot an athlete has right to just love his game, my life’s aim is to get that victory, sorry SP, I have to rectify my mistake. He says I know you are much worried. Durga says I have to decide for my and my dad’s dreams, we have to get separated, I have to go away from you.


Meri Durga 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Sanjay cries and tells Gayatri what Durga said. She consoles him. Durga walks on road. Brij’s moustache gets removed. Dadi scolds Yashpal.

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