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Meri Durga 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga running. Yashpal asks her to run faster. She gets tired. She says sorry, I had run after many days. He says its fine, you have run after much time, don’t get sad, you have to practice, come run with me. They run. He says I got tired and hugs her. They laugh. He says my daughter won, see. Everyone claps. He says you are a tigress, I trust you, you will hard work, you need good training. She recalls Rajveer and says I need Rana Sir, don’t know where is he, how to meet him, its been many years. He says we will go to old school and know about him.

Bantu takes disguise and comes to meet a girl. He sees the girl Payal and smiles. He says I m your ….. She asks about the gifts. He gives her gifts and removes the beard. She sees Bantu. He says your dad got your proposal for me. She asks why did you come here. He says I fell in true love with you, since I saw your pic, I don’t get sleep, I got all info about you, your likes and dislikes, these gifts are for you. She smiles and says but our relation broke. He says so what, we will join it and convince family. Her dad calls her.

Durga says where did Rana Sir go, none knows about him. He says maybe he went somewhere out of city. She says I just know one thing, when he knows I decided to run, he will come back to train me. They leave. Payal asks Bantu to go. He gives her roses. She goes. Durga comes to college and recalls principal’s words. Aarti talks to someone and says Rana Sir should not get senses, we will fall in trouble. Durga sees Aarti and comes to her. Aarti gets shocked seeing her and drops phone. She thinks did Durga hear me. She acts. Durga says you would be happy thinking you got rid of me, we will meet soon. Sanjay comes and says she thinks she will compete with you and win the race. Aarti laughs. He says dreams don’t cost money, I have shown her the exit, she will be gone. Aarti taunts Durga. Durga says you also know I have won that race. She goes. Aarti says I can’t stand her.

Someone comes and asks who is SP. He pushes Sanjay and asks are you that creep. Sanjay asks how did you touch me. The man scolds and slaps Sanjay. Durga looks on. Aarti says how dare you. The man asks Sanjay to come with him. He drags Sanjay. Goon looks for Rajveer. Rajveer hides and hits him. He leaves from there. Sanjay says leave me. The goon says I will say who I m, that girl has also come.

A girl comes. The man asks is this guy the one who misbehaved with you yesterday. Sanjay says she is lying. The man beats him and asks girl to say what Sanjay did. The girl says I was in my class, he came in my class and locked the door. Durga thinks. The girl says he has tried to molest me. Durga thinks why do I feel she is lying. Sanjay says she is lying, check CCTV footage. The lady scolds him. Sam smiles. Sanjay gets beaten up. Rajveer gets free and walks on the road. He asks for water. The man calls him beggar and asks him to get away. Rajveer says I m not a beggar. A lady teacher says we can sit and talk, don’t beat him, we will complain to principal. The man says no, its about our girl’s respect. The men beat up Sanjay. Aarti looks on. Teacher stops them. The man says we will teach him a lesson, how bad it feels when someone misbehaves. Sanjay gets tensed.


Meri Durga 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay asks did you do this. Sam says yes. Sam and Sanjay have a fight. Sam hits Sanjay on his head. Goons run after Durga.

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