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Meri Durga 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Gayatri Begins Training Durga


Meri Durga 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 4th December 2017 Episode start With Durga dressing as a bride and coming to Sanjay. He looks at her. Music plays… She says I m ready to do my duties, you also get ready to fulfill a husband’s duty, take this sindoor and fill in my maang, what happened, you were going to celebrate wedding night with your wife, Dharm can’t be one sided, I m ready, maybe you are not ready. He angrily throws the box. Sindoor falls in her maang. Mangalam….plays…. She sees the sindoor. He says I will not get trapped this time, remember. She says my maang will always be filled by you.

Gayatri sees her medals and cries. She recalls her past. FB shows Jassi running and setting records. Angad tells her that she can’t take part in the race. She says please I want to win, you will also get famous. He asks her not to argue. She asks why, you can help me. He says you will not run in this race. She holds his hand. She says I m ready to do anything you say, I have to win this race. Angad and Jassi get close. The academy people come there. They get shocked. The seniors scold them and expel them from the academy. Jassi packs her bags and leaves. Her parents get her married. Jassi cries. FB ends. Gayatri recalls Durga’s words and says no one should know my past.

Its morning, Durga waits for Gayatri and thinks will she go against her word. Gayatri comes. Durga thanks her. She asks for blessings. Gayatri says I don’t believe you. She shows her Yashpal’s pic and says swear on his pic, you won’t tell this secret to anyone. Durga promises for her satisfaction. She takes blessings. Gayatri says you are my student from now on, you have to do what I say. They leave. Anjana looks on and says Durga is going to run again, I will tell SP.

Yashpal comes to Rajveer and wakes him up for Durga’s training. Rajveer thinks to go out of house to show Yashpal. She thinks if Durga has convinced Gayatri. Gayatri comes to the ground and thinks of her past. She asks Durga to do as she tells her, she will never question her. Durga thinks I will do anything to make you a good human. She says I agree, I will do anything, this is my promise. Gayatri asks her to think well, its not easy. Durga says I m ready for every difficulty. Gayatri asks her to sit. Durga sits. Gayatri asks what’s this. Durga says soil. Gayatri says its not soil, its chandan, apply it to your face. Durga agrees. Gayatri asks her to call her Mam, instead mummy ji. Durga says sure Mam. She applies the soil to her face.

Gayatri thinks you have given yourself to me by making me coach, you will regret. Durga thinks I know you want me to regret, but I will awaken your humanity. Sanjay comes and asks what are you two doing here, so Durga came here without your permission, I have explained Durga our house rules, did Durga forget she is married.


Meri Durga 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay gives divorce papers to Durga and asks her to leave. Durga gets shocked.

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