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Meri Durga 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal saying I will meet Durga and come, Subhadra is taking much care of her, she kept her as queen. Durga gets dressed as waiter. Subhadra thinks Durga get ready for new work. She says you look pretty, come. They leave. Yashpal reaches Bhiwani and goes to Chopra house. Durga and Subhadra come in party. Subhadra hides. She meets her friend and says Durga is the maid. Durga greets the lady. Lady asks her to call her madam. Subhadra says they are rich people, they don’t make relations, call them Sir or madam, your uncle can get promotion if they stay happy with us. Durga says right, dad also says same. Durga serves people as waiter. Subhadra smiles.

Subhadra’s husband Ashish comes and meets seniors. He gets shocked seeing Durga was waiter. Durga says I m helping your boss. Subhadra tells her friend about poor villagers. Ashish comes to her and asks about Durga. Senior asks how is party. Ashish says its good.

The lady asks Durga to go and serve guests that side. Senior, Chopra talks to Ashish. The lady treats Durga as maid. Subhadra tries to act sweet. The lady goes.

Yashpal says I have to give legal papers to Chopra. Guard allows him. Durga comes to Subhadra. She says we will go home, I won’t be here. Subhadra makes excuse. Durga understands and says Bua is very bad, she lied and got me here, she cheated me, she made me maid. She cries and says I won’t do this work.

The lady scolds Durga. Durga thinks its about Ashish’s job and stays back. Yashpal meets Chopra and gives papers. Chopra thanks him and asks him to have food. Yashpal says no thanks. Chopra says no, wait. Ashish sees Durga. He goes to Subhadra and says its limit, tell me did you get Durga to work as maid. She says I m doing this for you, if Yashpal knows I m making Durga a maid, he will break relations, I m doing this for your promotion, you are scolding me. He says don’t fool me, I know you. Durga goes to give food to Yashpal. He thinks to leave. Durga drops the plate and says sorry. The lady scolds Durga. Yashpal hears Durga’s name and stops.

Subhadra asks what did you do Durga, where was your focus. She tells lady she will pay for loss. She asks Durga to clean everything. Yashpal comes to see. The lady says you said your maid is good, she does not know anything. Durga cleans floor. Yashpal gets shocked seeing her. The lady says its my loss of money and respect. Subhadra says I will talk to her.

Yashpal stops Durga. Durga and Subhadra get shocked seeing him. The lady asks where are you taking her, work is not over. Subhadra asks Yashpal to listen, you have seen wrong, this is Ashish’s boss’ house, I was helping them, Durga was assisting me. Yashpal asks Durga the truth. He asks did Subhadra get you as maid here or not. Durga gets silent. He keeps her hand on his head and says swear on me, say it, yes or no. Durga says Bua got me here to work. He gets angry. Subhadra says she is misunderstanding, will you agree to me or her. Yashpal says enough, I have sent her to study here, you did this with her, did you not get shame, you made her maid in front of everyone. Ashish looks on.


Meri Durga 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Yashpal says if I can make you study, I can do anything for Durga. He comes home. He gets Durga home. Everyone get shocked.

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