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Meri Durga 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal thinking of Durga’s failure. Durga says I have to go away from you SP so that I can return my dad’s respect, even if this is tough, my family has tolerated a lot, I don’t want any moment in my life that makes me weak, none can be my weakness, I will never meet you. Sanjay gets shocked. The lady scolds Dadi and Shilpa and says now we will punish you. They drag Shilpa. Durga says whatever I felt for you was true, but the bigger truth is my family, I m their Durga, I have to do a lot for them, I can’t think for myself. Sanjay asks her to understand. She sees the bracelet, Durga no 1 and cries. He says you are no. 1. She says no, you couldn’t make me wear this. She gives it back to him.

She says your and my relation ends here, sorry. He asks her to come back.Aarti looks on and smiles. The man says blind belief gets loss, we will present an example to show what happens with people who do as they want. The men laugh on Brij. Yashpal passes by. Brij’s moustache gets removed. They all laugh. Brij sits in shock. Amrita asks Durga to listen.

Durga says I have lost Yashpal’s trust forever, everything got finished. Amrita consoles her. She goes to get water. She sees Durga gone and calls her out. Aarti shows her medal to Gayatri. Gayatri says I m proud of you. Sanjay comes home. She gets shocked seeing his injury. He says Durga is saying my love is her weakness. She says maybe she got hurt and said this. He cries.

He asks what shall I do, how can I be her weakness, I love her a lot. She asks him to get up. Gayatri pacifies him. Yashpal hears people’s taunts on the road and recalls Durga. Durga walks on the road lost. Sanjay thinks of her. Jag soona soona lage re….plays… Durga thinks of Yashpal. Sanjay ruins his room. Gayatri stops him and asks what is he doing, Durga cares for her dad but my son doesn’t care for me. Amrita pulls Durga and saves her from getting hit by a car.

She asks did you go mad, if you got hurt. She hugs Durga and takes her home. Gayatri asks Sanjay to think for her, he always stood with Durga, but she went with her family, this means his love is not valued. He says its not like that, you love me a lot, I don’t want to hurt you, but I love Durga a lot. He cries. She says Durga chose her family, what are you doing for your family. Yashpal comes home. Dadi slaps him. He gets shocked.


Meri Durga 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Brij argues with Yashpal and separates his family from Yashpal. The house gets divided.

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