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Meri Durga 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 5th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with the man beating up Sanjay. Sam smiles and says SP got punished for his mistake. Durga recalls Sanjay being with her in class. She shouts stop. She moves the men away and gets in front of Sanjay. She says SP did not do anything, this girl is lying. Sanjay gets shocked. The man asks who are you. She says I m Durga. The man says this guy did wrong with you, why are you saving him. Durga says maybe he did, but I won’t let anything wrong happen with anyone. Sam and Aarti look on. The man asks what proof do you have.

Amrita gives food to Umang. Umang asks for more food for Madhav. Amrita worries. Dadi looks on. Dadi says its enough Amrita, see Umang, he is eager to meet his dad, how much will you lie to him, truth will come out. Amrita says Madhav did not contact us till now, don’t know he is alive or not, I hide everything so that my courage does not break, I have hope that Madhav will return for me and Umang.

Durga asks the girl to think well and say if SP did wrong with her, why did she get silent now. The man asks the girl to say. The girl says SP was with me around 4pm. Durga asks are you sure, think well, there is still time. The man asks Durga not to trouble her and say clearly. Durga says SP is innocent, this girl is lying, SP was with me at that time. Sam gets angry.

Durga says give me SP’s phone. She shows the video Sanjay made of her to tease her. They all get shocked. The men leave Sanjay. Durga says SP took this video at that time, around 4pm, you can check time if you don’t believe, I know someone has sent you to do this, we are not fools, leave from here. The man scolds the girl for blaming innocent guy. The lady apologizes to Sanjay. The man angrily thanks Durga and says I will see you later. Sanjay looks at Durga. Durga goes. Aarti asks are you okay, Durga would have done this to take revenge. Sam says I was teaching a lesson to SP, what did you do. Durga says I know that pain when you are innocent and you are blamed, I won’t let this happen even with an enemy, SP is my friend. Aarti says don’t know what new plan is she making. Sanjay thinks I did wrong with Durga, even then she saved me. Sam says she spoiled my game. Sanjay says did Sam do this and goes after him.

The goon gets conscious and looks for Rajveer. He says maybe Rana has run away, Aarti will be very angry. Sanjay stops Sam. Sam says it was your good fate that Durga saved you. Sanjay says you don’t take her name. They both fight. Aarti looks on. Sam hits on his head. The goon says I have to inform Aarti and calls her. She gets shocked.

Durga walks on the road. The man stops her and says you will send me to jail. Aarti goes. Sanjay and Sam’s fight continues. Durga runs from the men. Sam says you did wrong with Durga. Sanjay says why do you care, you were using her to win elections. Sam says you are foolish to leave a friend like Durga. Sanjay says you shouldn’t talk between us. They both fight.

Aarti comes to godown and scolds the goon. She leaves. The goon says I will find Rana. She worries. Rajveer asks where will I get wine. He sees a procession going. Durga runs from the men. She mixes in the crowd. Rajveer walks after her. Sam hurts Sanjay’s leg. Principal comes. The guys take Sam and Sanjay from there. Principal goes. Constable says this man is stealing, I will see him. Durga stops constable and says those goons are troubling me. Constable says don’t worry, I will see them. Constable slaps and beats the goons. Durga turns and collides with Rajveer.


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