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Meri Durga 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 5th March 2017 Video Watch Online on 

The Episode starts with the lawyer saying Durga lied to her. Durga thinks she heard Rishi laughing. He asks them to go from here. Rishi takes Pooja. He says the lawyer would have seen us. She calls him smart and gives the tiffin. He asks her to listen and goes after her. Bansi thinks these men may tell me about Rishi. He falls in someone’s plate and gets chutney on his face. He says sorry, do you know Rishi. The man asks why do you care. Bansi collides with Rishi and falls.

Lawyer asks the kids to leave. Durga and her friends leave. Rajbeer comes to meet lawyer. He sees the lawyer, but not see Durga. He asks him about Durga’s name and address. Rajbeer goes to sit at the table. Lawyer asks Durga do they have to become lawyer. He asks them who was India’s first lawyer. He laughs on kids. Durga says our relative works here, we feel he is lying to my dad and marrying my sister, so we came here while following him. She does not let her friend say name. She says we don’t want to say his name, as if we are wrong, his respect will be stained, I just want to save my sister’s life. He says you talk so good, don’t worry, the one who lies always gets caught. Durga thanks him. Bansi sees Rishi and falls. He cleans the chutney off his face and runs after Rishi.

The man says Rishi has good luck, the girl gets food for him every day. Rishi sees off Pooja. Bansi goes after Rishi. Rishi manages some work. Rajbeer talks to lawyer. Lawyer says I got all records copy, I got list of all the children born on that date, you said that girl gave wrong info, how do you know she gave right birthdate. Rajbeer says yes, but I did not like to leave any chance, maybe she wrote one thing right. Lawyer tells about one girl child born on that, her name is Durga. Rajbeer gets shocked.

Rishi goes for lunch break. Durga and her friends look at him. He goes to wash hands. Durga takes the tiffin and runs. Rishi comes back and does not see the tiffin. Bansi asks what will happen if we take tiffin. Durga says lawyer said culprit leaves a clue behind, we can know about the girl who made food for Rishi. Bansi says this is just box, will that girl write her name on roti. Manohar says maybe she has written love letter and kept in box, Durga open the box and see.

Rajbeer says this detail is wrong. Lawyer says many times, birth registration does not happen, I will give you this Durga’s address, go and check, maybe its same Durga. Rajbeer says don’t know, anyway thanks. Durga checks the tiffin. She checks rotis and does not get anything. She says its just food. Bansi says the food is smelling good. Her friend says shall we eat this and see, it can know by taste who made the food. Durga eats food and says don’t know. Manohar and asks them to have food and maybe they find the taste similar. They finish the food. Bansi says we did not know who made food. Manohar says we taught lesson to Rishi by eating the food. Durga packs tiffin back. She says but we did not get any proof. The tiffin falls. She says we will return the box. She sees a name impression on tiffin. She says who is this Kaushik. Bansi says I heard that girl gets tiffin for Rishi every day. They see the shop sticker on it, and think to find out from shop. They leave.

Rajbeer thinks where to find Durga. Durga and her friends run. Rajbeer sees Durga’s friends and think to ask them. They run away. Rajbeer doesnot see Durga and runs after her friends. They damage Rishi’s bike. Durga looks on and asks what are they doing. Bansi says Rishiis not doing right with Amrita, we will not leave him. She says no, if he is doing wrong, it does not mean we also do wrong. She asks them to stop. Rajbeer comes there and smiles seeing Durga. He asks Durga to stop. Durga asks her friends to run. Durga runs away. Rajbeer stops when a throw dumps soil towards his side. Rajbeer says I will find you Durga.

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