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Meri Durga 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi slapping and scolding Yashpal. She says why did I give you birth, you supported your daughter and left your brother to get his respect ruined. Yashpal gets shocked. He says Brij’s moustache was removed in front of panchayat, you are his culprit, you have ruined his respect, what did you get doing this, Annapurna also lost her respect before, what prize did you get, did Durga get a medal, she lost. They cry. Durga and Amrita come home. They see Brij drinking and get shocked. Brij says welcome Durga, my champion, come. He enters the house and falls down. Dadi cries seeing him. Brij asks them to clap for Durga, she is a champion, she has come. He gets Durga in and says she is a champion.

Bantu and Shilpa clap. Brij asks them to play dhol nagada, Durga has got first place in district race. Durga cries. Brij says Yashpal said none will talk to Durga, lock her in room. He laughs. He says I was mad to go to panchayat and swear that Yashpal is not allowing Durga to race. He folds hands and says Durga has lost in district race, there is another news, I went to panchayat. He tells everything and says you made fun of my respect well. He asks Durga to stay away. He says whatever happened with me in front of panchayat, how will my respect come back.

Durga cries. Brij says I will manage myself, don’t call me Chachu now, from today your uncle is dead and you are dead for me. He asks Yashpal not to say he came drunk. He goes and throws the cot. He pours wine and makes a line. He says that’s your side now and this is mine, Sheela said same thing always and now she got on chair, I never agreed to her, but now the house will get divided, our kitchen will be separated now, we can’t sit together here, I separate myself and my family from you and your family. They all cry.

Brij shouts I have no relation with you. He ignites fire. Sanjay sees the race on tv and cries hearing Durga’s losing the race. Sanjay recalls Durga’s words. Aarti looks on. Yashpal puts off the fire and asks Brij to talk. He says Brij is just over drunk, he is fine. He says I didn’t know you went to tell panchayat, listen to me. He justifies. He says I didn’t forget my family to go with Durga, you are my brother, I have raised you as my son. Brij says you were like a father for me, till you became a father, you never saw anyone except Durga.


Meri Durga 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Precap:

Dadi scolds Yashpal. Yashpal says I m sorrowful that you are my daughter. Durga cries. Durga prays to Maa to show some way.

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