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Meri Durga 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanjay Plans Durga’s Birthday


Meri Durga 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Meri Durga 6th December 2017 Episode start with Durga working out. She goes to kitchen. Servant says SP didn’t have food today. Durga says I will make something for him. He asks do you know his choice. She says I know him, I m his wife, I can do this, his anger will go once his hunger ends, if he is fire, I m water. She smiles. Sanjay thinks how to trouble Durga. Gayatri says if I get any loss because of Durga, I will not bear this. Gagan comes to ask for the car, he has to go in party. She scolds him and asks him to focus on business. Sanjay checks Durga’s birthday and says birthday party, Durga wanted to see my love, I will show her.

Durga makes food. Servant says SP will like this. She thinks its Durga’s love. Yashpal shouts Gayatri Devi… Durga hears him and goes out to see. Yashpal reminds Gayatri how he begged to them to help Sanjay, but she has cheated them. Durga asks what are you saying. He says I have taken your signs for Durga’s safety, you gave these jewelry to Shilpa and got the papers changed, you thought I will not know this, you did a big mistake, I don’t need the papers to secure Durga, if anything happens to my daughter, I will not leave anyone. Sanjay comes and says its not good to create noise in daughter’s Sasural, I m glad to see you, you would be thinking why I want to meet you, Durga was born on tomorrow’s date, she is my Durga now, its her birthday tomorrow, its her first birthday in this house, so I kept a big party, I wanted to invite you all. Gayatri thinks SP is ahead of me.

She says villagers don’t come to Sasural much. Brij says this Sasural is not Sasural for Durga now. Yashpal says its a battle ground now, we will come to become a Saarthi like Krishna, take care of my daughter. He hugs Durga and asks her to take care. They leave.

Sanjay writes self respect on the wall and says see how I break your self respect, the party will give you tears, which you will never forget. Servant gets his breakfast. Sanjay says this is interesting, learn cooking from mum, its so good. He eats food and says just mum can make this, her hands have magic. Durga says its love which is going to your heart. Sanjay says just mum knows what I like. Servant says Durga made this. Sanjay stops eating and looks at Durga. He drops the food and shouts take this out. Servant goes. Durga says your heart has much love. He says you will know tomorrow, do I have love or hatred in heart. She says you are just hiding love by hatred. He says I just hate you. She smiles.

Yashpal says I know SP well, he wants to trouble Durga, she is very strong, but I feel scared, SP did one mistake. Brij asks which one. Yashpal says he invited us, he can’t do anything when I m there. Amrita asks him to calm down, party is tomorrow, we will celebrate at night, we won’t let her feel that she is alone. He says yes, we will do something special for her, that brings a smile on her face. Brij agrees. Sanjay and Gayatri come to meet Aarti and her dad. He asks Aarti’s dad to trust him, he did this for his parents. Aarti asks him not to lie, she knows he loves Durga a lot.

He says I just hate her now, trust me. Aarti’s dad says we won’t believe you. Sanjay says I came to invite you for Durga’s birthday party. Aarti’s dad scolds him. Sanjay says you just come and see, you will have all the truth in front of you, this shouldn’t affect our business. Gayatri says come, we shall leave from here. Sanjay says I will expect you to come Aarti. He leaves with Gayatri.

A man shows jewelry to Durga. Anjana thinks why did Sanjay call the designer. Durga says I don’t want all this. Sanjay says maybe you like something else, I know your choice. He gets a gift for her. She asks what’s this new drama. He says I got a dress for you. She asks him what’s going on in his mind. He says I will tell you, the party will be special for you, trust me.


Meri Durga 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Gayatri asks Durga to go temple and get blessings. She asks her to be ready in training ground. Durga says I will meet you in temple. She waits for Gayatri.

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