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Meri Durga 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Durga talking to his friends. Her friend ask them to help him in work today. Another boy asks Durga to understand why she does not like maths. Durga says I pass in other subjects, I just fail in maths, why. Her friend asks her did she lie by keeping on maths book, did Vidya Maa get annoyed. Durga recalls everyone asking her to swear on Vidya maa. Durga says I swear on Dharti Maa, I think my fate is bad.

The girl Shweta comes their way. They hide. The boy Bansi says maybe Durga’s hand does not have maths line, so she does not understand. Durga asks him to show his hand. They all have four lines in pam. She says I just have 3 lines. The boy says I have 15-20 lines, I m gone. Durga says that’s not problem, problem is why my hand has fewer lines. Shweta asks what are they doing here, why are they hiding hands. They say nothing. She says I will tell teacher that you all are hiding something. She goes. Durga says everyone by S name troubles me.

Amrita washes clothes and drains water. Water falls on Rishi. They have an eyelock and smile. Shilpa and Bantu tease them. Rishi greets Annapurna. She asks you suddenly, when did you come. He says mum came along, I was parking bike. Bantu says she is in mum’s room. She worries if everything is fine. Dulaari says I came to give them first shock, then I will give more shocks. Annapurna comes there and apologizes.

Dulaari says now marriage is close, so I thought to end all talk. Sheela says yes, now this is also your son’s house, come anytime, you have all right on this house and Amrita, come I will show you other rooms. Sheela asks Annapurna to wear proper clothes.

Durga thinks of Yashpal’s words. Yashpal comes there and gives her jalebis. She smiles. She gets annoyed. She says you were angry and insulted me, I was burning kites. He says sorry and feeds her jalebis. He says I understand everything, I wanted Amrita’s marriage to happen after your exams, but could not do that. She says its all fate, my hand does not have maths line. He asks her to close palm then fate lines can’t go anywhere, then she can work hard and make her fate. She asks sure, then I will make my fate by my hard work. He laughs. She takes jalebis and runs. He thinks if Durga is ready to try, I should also try more and talk to principal.

Amrita gets tea for Rishi. Shilpa sees them having an eyelock and smiles. She asks Rishi where is his attention. Rishi says I have to wash hands. Sheela asks Amrita to take him. Amrita takes Rishi along. He washes hands. She gives him towel. He holds her hand. She gets tensed. He thanks her. He gives his mobile number asking her to call him, he will be glad. She says I don’t have phone. He says call from your dad’s phone. Dulaari asks him to come. Amrita takes his number. He asks her not to feel bad of Dulaari’s words, her heart is clean. She says I can understand, even Sheela’s nature is similar. He says I will wait.

Dulaari says we should fix engagement rasam date, it will take time in preparations. Sheela smiles. Yashpal meets principal. Principal says coaching class will be good for Durga, students prepare well, Durga is a smart girl, she told me she is a good girl and will study hard. Yashpal says its tough for me to pay coaching fees. The principal says I will give recommendation letter, give that to coaching class teacher, he will cut down fees for you. Yashpal thanks him. He gets call and disconnects. He goes out and talks to Annapurna. He says how did Dulaari come now.

Durga and her friends are in market. The boy calculates the change amount. Durga praises a boy for being so smart. They hear about baba bawandar who will solve even big problems. Durga goes to see.

Yashpal meets Dulaari and Rishi. He suggests to keep two rituals on same day. Dulaari says no, this can’t happen, the rasam is very small, we can do that on Sunday, you get Ganesh idol and some sweets to my house, we will do kirtan bhajan at my house and then fix engagement house, you don’t need to do anything unnecessary. Yashpal says fine, we will come. Dulaari says then we will leave. Dulaari and Rishi leave. Sheela thinks fat expenses will come after small expenses.

Meri Durga 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Sheela talks to Shilpa. Durga is stopped by the man. The coaching class teacher asks Yashpal for money. Durga sees Yashpal coming.

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