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Meri Durga 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal going to Amrita. He says I can’t believe Madhav lied to us, he ruined your hardwork, go home, I will ask Madhav. She says no, you go home, I will talk to him, I will manage. He says I don’t feel he is a nice man. He goes. Kuljit looks for her dad and calls him out. She sees a car shaking and runs to see. She sees Satnaam inside and asks him not to worry, she will do something. Durga’s friends pray for Durga’s win in race. Yashpal waters the plants and hears them. He asks them what are they doing here by leaving classes. Her friend lies. Yashpal asks them don’t they have shame to pass time and lie, they did not have sense like Durga, she never lies. Her friend says maybe she lied sometime. Yashpal says never say this again. He gives soil in his hand and says Durga is true like this soil, she will tell me any bitter truth, if she lies, it means she will have big reason and for someone’s good, go now and study, become sensible like him. Her friend says Yashpal has blessed Durga, we will go and give this soil to Durga.

Nandini talks to Rajveer and asks principal where is trustee. Principal goes to check. Rajveer says I m worried Durga did not come on mark. Nandini asks him not to worry. Principal says trustee is reaching. He says sorry, I have to leave and find Durga. Durga sees Kuljit and Satnaam. She gets a stone and breaks the car mirror. She gets Satnaam out from the door. Kuljit asks Satnaam who has done this. Satnaam coughs. Kuljit asks him is he fine. He asks her to go in race. Kuljit refuses to leave him. Durga and Kuljit help him. Kuljit asks her to go, else her race will be missed. Durga says let it get missed, we will run together else not. Kuljit smiles.

Amrita comes to workshop and looks for Madhav. She gets envelop from Madhav. She gets shocked seeing Madhav and her wedding invitation card. Durga gets a stone and tries to cut the ropes. Satnaam gets free. Amrita gets Madhav’s call. Madhav asks how did you like it.

He asks her to select the card for their marriage. She asks where are you. He says we will meet in evening, I have a big surprise, be ready. He ends call and says I m starting my plan and settle scores Maa. Satnaam asks Durga and Kuljit to go. Rajveer comes and asks Durga to go. Durga says Rajveer will manage your dad, come Kuljit. Rajveer thinks what did Durga go, I wish Durga wins the race with honesty.

Sheela says I told you someone known bought Amrita’s painting to boost her confidence. Yashpal says how dare Madhav does this, he cheated us. Brij asks why did he do this, what was the need. Amrita calls Madhav. Yashpal says let him come home, I will kick him out. They all hear dhol sound. Madhav comes with shagun and nagada. He shows the ring to Yashpal. He asks for Amrita’s hand. They all get shocked. Madhav says I love her a lot and want to marry, sorry I had to get shagun things myself, my dad is not in this world, else he would have come here. Everyone get shocked. Shilpa cries.

Yashpal scolds Madhav for cheat and lie. He says you have no place in Amrita’s life and this house, we got to know you have sent your friend and made him buy Amrita’s painting. Madhav gets shocked. Sheela says I knew this, Amrita did not had talent. Madhav says I had to lie because of this, Amrita is very talented, one day she will make your name shine, I wanted to prove this so that she gets courage, I have sent that man to boost her confidence, but her talents is true. He says Yashpal is a father, maybe he has also lied to boost children’s confidence.

Yashpal says all I mean to say is, get out. Madhav gets shocked. Amrita cries and says I like Madhav. Yashpal and everyone get shocked.


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