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Meri Durga 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode starts with Durga and her friends going to the utensil vendor. The man checks records and says its not written here, its just P Kaushik here, I can’t tell who is it. Durga says try hard, my sister’s life can get saved, she will not be caught in bad marriage. Rishi’s friend sees her and gets shocked. The man asks her to take this bill and go home. Durga and her friends leave. Rishi’s friend calls Rishi and says Durga is doubting on you, she just went, I have seen her that day also.

Brij makes caterers cook. He asks them to add more sugar, sweets should be good. Yashpal likes the decorations and thanks the man. Everyone dance. Sheela gets Dulaari’s call and goes away to talk. She gets shocked and a water pot falls by her. Everyone get shocked. Shilpa says nothing. Sheela dances on dhol. Shipla goes to room and talks to Dulaari.

Dulaari says what did you think, will Durga get quiet, Durga is spying on Rishi, she reached court, I told Rishi to stop meeting Pooja, he does not listen to me, Pooja got tiffin for Rishi, which Durga took, she went to tiffin shop vendor and asked about Rishi, she got to know something which is not good for us, you have to find out. Sheela says I have to see her, she is Yashpal’s blood, she will crawl on my happiness. Dulaari says she wants to snatch Rishi’s happiness too, shall I come for tilak or not. Sheela says you come, if we postpone marriage, our plan can fail.

Durga studies in room and misses to enjoy the function. Sheela comes to her and asks why did you go there, Dulaari called and said she has seen you and your friends in court. Durga thinks shall I tell her about Rishi, no she can feel bad, Yashpal will not let me go out of home. Sheela asks shall I tell Yashpal. Durga lies to Sheela. She asks her not to tell anything to Yashpal. Sheela says fine, but don’t use your mind, else I will tell everything to Yashpal. Yashpal comes and asks what are you explaining Sheela. Sheela says nothing, I m asking if she is studying well, its just few days left for exam, she should study at home. He says yes. Durga nods. Sheela goes.

Yashpal asks Durga do you want anything to eat. Durga says no. She asks him to study. Sheela tells Dulaari that Durga clarified the matter, I can’t ask more, else I will get trapped, now Durga won’t do anything. Dulaari says you are taking her light, I m scared, we will end this marriage matter here. Sheela says no, I got a chance to trouble Yashpal, don’t worry, she will not tell to Yashpal. Dulaari says I will see Durga. Sheela says we have to be careful that Durga does not doubt more. Dulaari says I will make her ill by giving her tablet. Sheela smiles and says this is right.

Sarpanch comes. Brij greets him and dances on dhol. Durga’s friends come and ask for Durga. Brij says he is studying in room. Sheela rushes to see arrangements. Subhadra asks Baby to check gifts, we should see that gifts don’t get less. Durga studies in the room. Yashpal talks to Dadi.

Subhadra tells her husband to talk to Yashpal about sending Durga to Bhiwani. Her husband asks her not to worry. Yashpal smiles seeing Amrita. She asks him to choose a hand. He tells Dadi that he will just come. Yashpal chooses a hand. Amrita gives him money. He says that’s money which I gave you to get clothes. She shows thread in other hand, and says I also have talent like mum, I have made this dress, I did not need to spend this money, I have stitched this suit by mum’s old saree. He says you are much talented, Dulaari and Rishi are lucky that you are going to their house. She says I m lucky as I got a family like this. She cries and says I feel heavy hearted, will everything get fine. He says yes, you always wished good for everyone, come, leave worries here and prepare to go in your new life. Annapurna says stop crying now. Durga comes and says I completed all questions. He asks her to get ready fast, your friends also came. Durga worries. Yashpal checks ring. Annapurna and Yashpal talk about Dulaari. He says I think we should not hide anything about Amrita, I m thinking to tell this on phone today. Sheela hears them.


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