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Meri Durga 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer asking Durga is she mad to waste time in this race, she has to focus on training, they have less time for state championship, he can’t allow her. Durga says I can’t move back. He says you are not prepared, you will get insulted if you lose, did you think of this. Gayatri says Rana has to die before my game gets over. Manager informs her about Durga and Stella’s fight in market, Stella called his dad here, this is not good, this can have tension in our work. Gayatri thinks I won’t let anything happen to my business. Rajveer asks what’s that girl’s name, Durga says Stella Steward. Rajveer finds about her and tells her records. She says she is England’s champion, you are going to race with her.

Shilpa thinks it will be fun now. Yashpal says Durga has run well in childhood. Rajveer says she can still do better but she needs proper training, I know Durga could have failed her 5 years ago, we have to start her training from zero. He explains them and asks Yashpal to put the coin in the glass. Yashpal fails. Rajveer says it didn’t go and asks him to try again. Yashpal tries again. Rajveer throws coin and says it went by me, because of practice, Durga needs practice as well, Durga will not run in this race. Durga says you explained me, if I stay quiet, I will prove all blames right, I can’t let this happen again, I m sorry. He says you should be quiet now, you are not listening to me, do what you want, you have much to lose, your self respect, morale, everything, if you lose, I will never train you. They get shocked.

Gayatri recalls Durga. Sanjay comes home. Gayatri stops him. She asks where is Stella. He says I don’t know. She says I think you forgot how to behave with guests. Sanjay says she behaved badly with Durga. She says when your friend Durga threatened Stella, why didn’t you stop her. He says I have explained Stella a lot, I can’t do anything if she doesn’t want to understand, she misbehaved, it was her mistake, not Durga’s. She says you don’t know your friend did stupidity, I have to pay for the big loss, you know Stella’s dad is my big client. He says I can’t believe you are saying this when you value respect a lot, is business over country respect, fine, Durga did right, I m proud of her, this time she was right, but even if she was wrong, I would have supported her, because I love Durga. She gets shocked. He says I will always support her, even in life’s race, its your decision whom you want to choose, me and Durga, or that Stella. She looks at him.

Sarpanch comes to Yashpal’s house. Shilpa says Durga can be confident, but Rajveer also showed her the mirror. Shilpa says we have to stop Durga. Yashpal says sarpanch has responsibility to save village respect, how can we move back. Stella didn’t insult Annapurna and Durga, she has insulted all of us, we have blood in veins, not water, Durga will win, I assure you, let her run in race. He scolds Shilpa. Sarpanch reminds what happened in past and says she will not get our support.

Gayatri asks Aarti why did she lie that Sanjay accepted her love. Gayatri scolds her. Aarti says I really felt… Gayatri says he is not in your hand, what’s in Durga that you don’t have. Aarti says I didn’t have courage to tell you.

Sanjay and Durga talk on phone. He apologizes. She says its none’s mistake, I m thinking how to win this challenge. He thinks I won’t let you feel weak. He says I m coming to meet you. She says not at this time. He says I m telling you, I m not asking, I will come and meet. He ends call. She thinks I have to wake up early for training, what to do.


Meri Durga 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay drinks some medicine. He gets drunk and falls near Sheela. Durga sees him. Gayatri says I want to fail Rana and Durga in tomorrow’s race.

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