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Meri Durga 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with race beginning. Durga and Kuljit are called. They both come for the race. Kuljit thanks her for help, else she would have not participated in race. Durga asks her to forget this and give her best in the race. Rajveer says I hope Durga wins this race by honesty. Satnaam comes there and sees Rajveer. Durga and Kuljit prepare for race. Durga’s friends come there and call her out. Durga runs and sees them. She smiles. Coach stops them. Durga’s friends drop the soil in the race track. The race begins.

Durga and Kuljit run faster. Durga goes ahead. Satnaam asks Kuljit to run faster and fail Durga. Durga runs ahead. Everyone cheer for Durga. Rajveer smiles. Durga falls down and gets hurt. Rajveer and everyone get shocked. Durga takes the soil in hand. She recalls Yashpal and smiles.

She applies the soil to her wound and starts running. Manohar says you can do it. Durga joins back in the race. Everyone wait to see the winner. Durga and Kuljit run faster and compete. Rajveer asks Durga to do it. Satnaam cheers for Kuljit. Durga wins the race. Rajveer gets glad. Everyone clap for Durga.
Durga runs ahead happily. Sanjay says she is not stopping, she is still running. Rajveer smiles and says see how Durga is running. She lies on the ground and smiles thinking of her running. Rajveer asks Durga is she fine. Durga says yes, I m very happy, I felt like running and feeling the breeze. Rajveer asks do you know who won this race. Durga says no, I just want to run. Rajveer says I wanted this, come I will do the aid. She says I did not know when I got hurt, I will run after you now. He says you have won the race, you are district champion.

She asks will I get grace marks. He says yes, you will get it along with band baja. She says I made a mind to lose to Kuljit, then dad told me not to do anything that does loss to others, if I lost, then I would have broken everyone’s hope and your hardwork would have got waste, so I did which did not do anyone’s loss, I have run sincerely. He thinks I did wrong today. She says I did not get hurt when I fell, I just ran, I have done it. He smiles and says you are the best. He thinks how did I do such a small thing.

He thinks Durga has sportsman spirit, I don’t need to do anything. Kuljit apologizes to Satnaam and says I could not make Durga lose, she is the best. Satnaam sees Rajveer and gets angry. Durga receives the medal. Kuljit wins the second prize. Everyone congratulate Durga. Neelkant stops her and says Durga made our school name shine, I want to say something, I did not feel she is capable, but she is a diamond who made Bhiwani’s name shine, we should take lesson by her hardwork and courage. Durga looks for Rajveer.

Durga tells doha which Yashpal taught her. She says if Lord and Guru are in front, we will touch Guru’s feet, as Guru guides us to identify Lord, my victory’s credit goes to Rajveer Rana, my dad showed me right path, but Rajveer taught me to walk on it, thanks. Nandini congratulates all winners. Durga thinks to share her winning with Rajveer. Rajveer looks on from far and goes.

Amrita cries. Annapurna scolds her. Yashpal stops her and says we got cheated once, Madhav also lied to us, how can we trust him. Amrita says he lied to encourage me, it was for my good. She says even you used to lie in childhood when you could not fulfill our wishes. Sheela and Brij come. Sheela says I got Madhav here, its my mistake. Yashpal says Madhav did not do anything, we have refused to his proposal.


Meri Durga 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Durga talks to his friends. She says I have hidden a lot from dad, don’t know he will forgive me or not. Madhav hugs Rishi. Annapurna locks up Amrita in her room. Amrita cries.