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Meri Durga 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Durga thinking Sanjay has come and stopping Yashpal from checking the door. She goes to check and thinks how to explain Sanjay that sleep is imp for an athlete. Inspector asks do you really want to do this. Gayatri says yes, some people have to meet their fears to know her status, I want Rana and Durga to fail in the race, I want to be there and see this.

Durga sees Brij and says I was with Dadi, she is fine. Durga thinks where is Sanjay. Brij says I will keep the vegetables, why did Yashpal get late today. He hides something and goes to room. Durga gets Sanjay’s message. Durga worries that Sanjay is waiting in her room. Yashpal asks what happened, you look worried. She says nothing, I was going to sleep.

Brij sees wine bottle and kisses. He shifts wine in some other bottle. He gets medicine bottle and puts the remaining wine. He says I will make some ache reason tomorrow and drink this. Durga looks for Sanjay. Sanjay scares her. She falls in his arms. Music plays…. They have an eyelock. He gives her little surprises. She reads the sweet love notes and smiles. Sanjay hugs her and says you will have this always with my best wishes to make Stella lose. She says thanks, don’t worry, Stella has insulted everyone, I will not let her win easily, you are with me.

He gives her wrist bands with D and S initials. She laughs. He says we got completed by coming together, I have no worry, Stella should worry, you will win Durga. She says what will I say if anyone sees this. He says that’s your tension. She asks him to go. He says I came to my Sasural, treat me well, I will meet everyone. She says if dad sees you, it will be problem. Shilpa hears them. Annapurna tells Yashpal that none has seen Durga, who cares for everyone, Rajveer is also against her, I m proud of her, she will win for us. Yashpal says she will run for entire country, everyone will know she is not coal, she is diamond, go and give her courage, she should know we are always with her.

Shilpa hears Sanjay and asks Durga to open the door. Durga worries. She asks Sanjay to hide. Durga pushes him. A box falls on his head. He falls down and drops his phone also. Durga opens door. Shilpa asks who is inside. Durga says none, I m practicing my winning speech. Shilpa says you don’t fool me, fine you hide this, when Yashpal catches you, forget the race, he will get you married and send you to inlaws. Durga asks her to leave. Shilpa gets angry and goes. Durga gets shocked seeing Sanjay hurt. She hides Sanjay and prays. She goes to get first aid box.

Gayatri recalls Sanjay and says he has argued for that girl. She calls Sanjay. Annapurna comes and calls out Durga. She hears phone ringing. She gets phone and says whose phone is this. Durga comes and sees Annapurna in her room.


Meri Durga 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjay drinks the wine thinking its medicine. He falls and sees Sheela. Inspector scolds Yashpal for kidnapping a guy.

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