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Meri Durga 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Meri Durga 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Meri Durga 8th April 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Rajveer asking the girls to run. Durga runs ahead. Aarti says I will win this competition. Durga says I m not running for any competition. Rajveer praises Durga and tells the principal that this time our winner will name Bhiwani’s name shine. Aarti tells Durga that she is one of the athlete Rajveer is preparing. Durga gets shocked and lowers her speed. She thinks Rajveer cheated me and got me here for competition. He thinks why did Durga lower her speed. The principal asks is this your Durga. Rajveer asks Durga to run. Aarti wins. Rajveer thinks she got to know maybe, so she has lost intentionally. Principal congratulates Aarti. She wins the jalebi and milk prize. Rajveer asks Durga why did she lose intentionally. She says yes, I lost to make my dad’s dream succeed. Principal asks Rajveer to come office and talk if he has anything left to say.

Durga thinks to reach home soon, else Subhadra will tell Yashpal. Bantu hides and comes home. He gets the box. Shilpa comes and asks what are they doing to get Madhav home. Sheela says I have thought of everything. She shows the rats in the box. Shilpa gets shocked. Sheela asks Bantu did you understand what you have to do. They smile. They turn and see Annapurna.

Durga comes home and enters room by window. Subhadra shouts Durga. Durga acts to sleep. Subhadra asks her to wake up, who will do the work if I wake you every day. Durga acts to wake up. Subhadra asks her to come downstairs, I can’t make breakfast, come and help me, make breakfast. Durga says fine, I will come, you go. Subhadra goes.

Annapurna says I had to send Bantu to the market. Sheela says yes, he will go. Bantu keeps the box and goes. Yashpal comes and asks for food. Annapurna gives him food. He misses Durga. He says Subhadra would be keeping Durga as queen. Shilpa worries as the rats move the box. Durga checks the fridge and does not get any food. She says I will be late for school if I go to buy anything now. She makes sandwiches for Subhadra. Subhadra comes and asks is breakfast ready. Durga says yes, but bread is less, there is no bread for me. Subhadra says I m so sorry, Amma and my husband have to take breakfast, I get headache by empty stomach, go school, I will make food for you and feed by my hands. Durga nods. Subhadra asks Amma to come and have food. Durga says I will leave now. Subhadra’s husband asks won’t you have breakfast. Durga says no, I will get late for school. She goes. He sees Subhadra and understands the matter.

Sheela hides and goes upstairs. Yashpal says I will find a job to lessen our burden. Sheela leaves the rats in the grains room. The rats tear the grains back. Sheela smiles. Durga feels hungry. She says I can’t bear hunger, shall I pluck mangoes. She plucks mangoes. Chori do bilanki……plays…….. She eats mangoes on the way to school.

She runs to school. The guard shuts the gate and sees her. Durga says he is showing as if I can’t enter if he shuts the gate. She goes. Sanjay’s friends keep the milk for Naagdevta and pray. They leave. Durga says this is the way for me, if I come late, but anyone can catch me. She enters the school.

She runs and sees the milk bowl. She says milk again. She picks the milk and thanks Hanuman ji. She drinks the milk. Sanjay’s friends see her and say Naagin Durga was drinking milk since many days, not any Naagdevta. She runs away.

Teacher tells everyone about story on cricket. A girl eats jalebis. Durga sees her. The girl shares the box with Durga. Durga eats jalebis. Aarti sees Durga eating jalebis and signs to Sanjay. Sanjay sees this and smiles. He makes the box fall down. Durga and the girl get shocked. Teacher turns and sees them.


Meri Durga 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav sees Amrita hanging to shelf. Yashpal scolds Sheela for getting rats to spoil grains. Rajveer calls Subhadra. Subhadra scolds Durga.

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